YouTube for businesses in 2022

Advertising on YouTube offers advertisers many opportunities :

  • YouTube is a medium used as much as more traditional media (such as television) but it is accessible to all advertisers
  • More than 500+ million people watch videos on YouTube every month only from Europe
  • YouTube gives you unique targeting capabilities to precisely reach your audience
  • You have at your disposal a wide choice of advertising formats
  • Costs are still relatively low

Nevertheless, all these arguments remain opportunities that you must seize. These are in no way conditions for the success of your YouTube Ads campaigns. Obviously, to have successful advertising campaigns on YouTube, you will have to work on them. The purpose of this article is to present you with advice and best practices to follow to put the odds on your side. These best practices have been chosen with the aim of meeting a profitability objective for your campaigns.  Our vision of advertising on YouTube (but also of digital advertising as a whole: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.) is to allow you to consider this lever as a real tool for acquiring new customers and growing your business.

Integrate YouTube Ads into your overall digital strategy

Advertising on YouTube can be a real growth accelerator for your business. But this will be more the case if you deploy a digital strategy in which you integrate YouTube advertising. Indeed, I recommend that you bet on several levers (YouTube Ads, but also Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.) to build your digital acquisition strategy. You can also buy YouTube views for a bigger presence. Each of these levers will be more or less important to activate depending on your objective, your audience and the process of purchasing your product or service.

In digital marketing, we often talk about conversion funnels . This tunnel allows you to model your marketing actions according to different stages:

  • Give visibility to your company;
  • Generate interest and commitment around your products, services, offers;
  • Nurture this interest in order to convert it into a decision: purchase, quote request, appointment booking;
  • Build loyalty and offer complementary products or services to your customers;

With targeting capabilities and goals on YouTube Ads, you can impact every step of your funnel. This way, you can work on your entire tunnel on YouTube Ads and can be sure that it will perform very well. Nevertheless, I advise you to mix your acquisition levels. Indeed, it may be all the more effective to:

  • Work on your notoriety with YouTube Ads
  • Impact consideration with Google Ads
  • Convert with Facebook Ads

A well-designed conversion funnel is the first step toward a profitable digital acquisition strategy.

Grow your network of Youtube influencers

One of Youtube’s other strengths is, of course, its community of creators. Youtubers are a bit like bloggers: you will find them in all areas of activity, even niche ones! Internet users invest their time to federate a community around one of their passions. Follow this 10-step guide to create a winning Youtube Marketing Guide 2022 strategy and take your YouTube presence to new heights in 2022.

Over the years and the Youtube partnership program, they have become more professional and, today, their audience sometimes does not have to pale in comparison with that of the major specialized media. Needless to say, this is a golden opportunity to seize to give visibility to your brand!

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