Why Saftty ST07 Series Thermal Protectors?

Protecting your sensitive electronic components from overloading and breaking down due to temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors is crucial for any electronics manufacturer. That’s why we’re so excited about our Saftty ST07 Series Thermal Protectors!

Working Principle: Auto Reset

Saftty ST07 Series Thermal Protectors mainly used in transformers, battery packs and electrical appliances, etc.

The core part of the thermal overload protector switch ST07 is a copper-nickel alloy bimetallic strip. The bimetallic strip of the automatically reset thermal switch for appliance ST07 will bend and deform to cut off the circuit and create protection when the outside temperature reaches the cut-off temperature set by the product. In order to allow the circuit to reconnect, it will automatically reset when the temperature drops.

Quality Control

Each thermal overload protector switch ST07 rating features a bimetal disc designed and produced for the appropriate temperature rating. Each device is calibrated and checked for opening temperature. The internationally recognized business EMS is chosen to supply the bimetallic sheet’s central component. We produce the two-sheet molding, which helps with quality control and complete temperature inspection. By putting a focus on quality, the performance that is precise, consistent, and reliable can be achieved.


The ST07 series thermal protectors from Saftty are one of the best in the market because of their unique design and performance. With a wide operating temperature range and high cycling capacity, they are ideal for a variety of applications. They also have a low resistance value that ensures minimal power loss, making them more efficient than other thermal protectors on the market.

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