Buying UAE Virtual Number Review

You may need to buy UAE virtual number for your business purposes or personal use. is a renowned provider of virtual phone numbers in the UAE and 60 other countries offering local virtual phone numbers, advanced call management features, and customizable greetings. Le’s review the services and plans it offers for people looking to buy UAE virtual numbers online.


  • Local virtual phone numbers: Businesses can build a local presence in the UAE with the help of’s local virtual phone numbers.
  • Advanced call management: Advanced call management features including call forwarding, voicemail, and call recording are available on buying virtual numbers through
  • No Contracts: You won’t be locked into a lengthy contract by the business. You can discontinue the service at any time because it is month-to-month.
  • No Installations: No more waiting months for landline installations and headaches with installation issues.

UAE Voice Virtual Number

If you wish to buy a UAE Voice Virtual Number, you can only opt for the ‘Dubai’ region. It may not be appealing if you were looking for any other region. Moreover, the phone code associated available at is +971 (4). You will need to pay a fifty-dollar setup fee and a sixty-dollars monthly fee on buying this number.

UAE Toll-Free Virtual Number

Same to voice virtual numbers, there is a limited option to buy UAE toll-free numbers. The available phone code is ‘+971 (800)’. For this, the setup fee and monthly charges are the same – $85 (each).

How To Register UAE Virtual Number?

If you are looking to purchase a virtual phone number through a company such as, the process is relatively simple. Here are the steps you can follow to get a virtual phone number in the UAE:

  1. Sign In Your Account: To begin, sign in to your account on the website, or if you don’t already have one, register for a new account.
  2. Select the number type: Next, you will need to select the type of virtual phone number you want to purchase.
  3. Choose United Arab Emirates: Choose the UAE as the location for your virtual phone number from the list of countries.
  4. Select the city/region: Next, you will need to choose the city or region in the UAE where you want to get the virtual phone number. offers numbers in Dubai only.
  5. Set up call forwarding direction: You can configure call forwarding for your virtual phone number on to a phone number, SIP, or Telegram.
  6. Pay the setup fee and monthly fee: Finally, you will need to pay the setup fee and the monthly fee for the required number of months of rent.

Once you have completed these steps, your virtual phone number in the UAE should be activated and ready to use.

Conclusion may be a good option for businesses looking to purchase a virtual phone number in the UAE, but it is important to compare prices and features with other providers before making a decision.

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