What To Look For When Buying Women's Tops

What To Look For When Buying Women’s Tops

Do you like to play with your tops pairing them with different accessories, bottoms and shoes? Thanks to its adaptability, blouses are clothing pieces very easy to combine depending on how you wear them. For example, you can even use the very same blouse for contrasting events throughout the year. This same reason makes tops a timeless apparel that oftentimes can be worn for several seasons without going out of fashion. A common case is a plain white t-shirt, if you have paid attention to fancy events and formal parties, you have probably noticed how some women wear them with tuxedos and high-heels and they absolutely rock a glamorous look. What might be surprising for many, is that the exact same t-shirt can later be paired with some jeans and sport shoes for a casual style. 

The previous situation is the perfect example that looking like a fashionista does not necessarily mean you have to break your bank. If you are looking forward to learning what are the key points to focus on when purchasing your women’s tops, read on and get ready to take your outfits to the next level. In this article we will share this valuable information with you, plus some insightful tips.

Vary the styles on your wardrobe

We all have gone through this scenario: finding an amazing blouse that highlights the best attributes in your shape and boosts your self confidence. Although it is easy to get caught in the trap of getting the same model in every colour you find available, this is something to be avoided since it is much more practical to have a broad variety of shapes, patterns and fabrics to choose from. Why stick to the same design when you can pick among several tops like button down, wrap, baby doll and peasant blouses?

Play with the fabrics and choose them according to the season

One of the most important factors to take into account when buying your tops is the material used, especially if you are making an online purchase. Let’s face it: a type of fabric can make or break your outfit. While you can select spring cashmere, coton, canvas and tropical wood for spring, during summer you should attempt to buy fabrics like silk, linen and of course cotton. Then, spandex, woven cotton and silk are some of the perfect clothes for fall, and finally you should focus on getting some tops made out of worsted, Angora, leather, worsted and other resistant materials when choosing apparel for winter season.

Don’t forget about the sleeves

While many people tend to ignore this point, sleeves are fun and an important part of your whole outfit. However, when you choose the wrong ones, it can create imbalance in your look and make you feel uncomfortable. When picking your tops and sleeves, you might want to avoid having a lot of volume and textures in the whole outfit. In general, it is better to emphasise one part of your clothing and complement it with other subtle details.

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