Is Phone Repair in Australia Expensive?

Is Phone Repair in Australia Expensive?

The cost of phone repair in Australia can vary greatly. It all depends on what you are repairing and how much it will take to fix your device. Here is a list of some common phone repairs that you may be considering and their costs, as well as a few locations where you might find them at an affordable price. Use this information to help make the decision of what to do with your broken phone, whether it’s in need of repair or not.

Common repairs

If you are looking for a phone repair, here are some common repairs that could be done for you.

Screen Repair – $139

This is a fairly common repair and will give your phone back its glowing screen. If you are looking to fix your screen this is the best option.

Memory Upgrade – $220-360

This may be the best option if you have an older device that has been slowing down and needs some new memory to keep up with all of its new apps. Installing a memory upgrade can boost the performance of your device, making it more responsive and faster than before.

Battery Replacement – $99

The battery in your phone is one of the most important parts of it and can make or break how long your device will last before needing another replacement. Replacing an old battery with a new one can help extend the life of your device by months rather than weeks or days.

Repair options for your device

If you have a broken screen, you can go to your local electronics store and purchase a replacement. This option is usually cheaper than trying to repair it yourself.

If your phone won’t turn on, then you will need to take it in for a battery replacement. The cost of this service varies depending on what type of device you are using and the location where you live. It typically costs between $40-$50 USD.

If your phone is not charging properly, then there are two fixes that you can do. You can either send it in for repairs or buy a new charger and replace the old one yourself.

If your phone is water damaged, then you will need to clean the inside of the device first with a rice/dryer sheet/soap and water mix before attempting any repair work. If this does not work, then it’s best to throw the device away or sell it at an electronics store for about $35 USD or less.

Where to find affordable repairs

  •         At a mobile phone repair store
  •         At an electronics store
  •         At a computer repair shop
  •         On the web

If your phone is broken, there are several places you can take it to get it fixed. One of the best places to go is a mobile phone repair store. These stores typically have repairs done at reasonable prices. Another option is an electronics store or computer repair shop. These types of shops are more expensive than mobile phone repair stores, but they are still reasonably priced compared to other options like on the web or in a computer store. The most affordable option for fixing your phone would be taking it to a local computer store that specializes in repairs and upgrades for computers and laptops only.


There are many ways to repair a phone, with varying costs. Most people go to the store and buy a new phone when their device is damaged. Alternatively, people may opt for repairs from third-party repair shops or do the repair themselves.

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