A slice of pumpkin pie with spice on a rustic wood background.
A slice of pumpkin pie with spice on a rustic wood background.

What Cream Is Best For Whipping? We Let You Know

That delicious touch of fluffiness and subtle sweetness paired with the milky flavour of whipped cream, is there any other better bonus for your drinks and desserts than a big portion of this unique mixture? Whipped cream has since its introduction in the middle of the 1900s, become an absolute favourite of young and adults in nearly all cultures across the globe -and rightly so! If you can count yourself among the big fans of this velvety complement as well, you might be interested in knowing which cream is best in order to obtain the perfect whipping. Just a little hint: it all comes down to the fat. Once you read this article you will never get confused when buying whipping cream at the supermarket or ordering it online, so read on and prepare to whip your knowledge up!

Why is it important to distinguish the adequate whipping cream?

This is better explained with examples. Perhaps you have had a cheesecake with a runny, lame attempt of whipped cream, or an iced coffee with a very thick mixture that resembles more a bunch of compact butter rather than whipped cream. Well, the reason behind that is that there is a method and a formula to obtain authentic whipped cream. If you want to make a soft mixture with enough body, the right texture and yummy flavour, you need to take certain guides into account.

Tips and tricks to get the perfect whipping cream

Many people tend to be afraid of using high-fat content cream due to dietary or even health concerns. While it is important to take care of your calorie intake, you need to consider that according to research, fats in cream are good for your body and it has been proved to aid in the reduction of some health risks, such as diabetes and heart conditions. It all comes down to having balance, an overall healthy diet and staying active. Besides that, it is important to take into account that a cream without the necessary fat content will not whip, so, we need at least 30% fat in our mixture and all the way up to 36 %. If you are not sure of the fat content or want to make the purchase easier, you can simply use the accessible whipped cream delivery services.

Other alternatives that you can use

Ensuring to have enough fat content will help us get that light but fluffy feel in our preparation. Although it is true that you can use double cream, since it has more than 45% fat, you will end up with a very heavy texture, which might be okay for some people but you need to be aware of the difference in the end results. In addition to these options, you can also try using some other dairy fermented products, such as the Italian cheese called Mascarpone or the french mixture of sour cream known as Crème fraîche, in case that you have them at home or are more available to you. You just need to keep in mind that even when these creams have high fat content, they have a sour flavour that you may or may not like.

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