CBD Oil Beginner Guide For Cats with Separation Anxiety

CBD Oil Beginner Guide For Cats with Separation Anxiety

Adopting a pet is often a life-changing experience. It can bring a lot of positive benefits to someone’s life, and on many occasions, it becomes a reason to keep on doing our best. Cats, along with dogs, are some of the most common pets to adopt, and more often than not they are very easy to handle.

That being said, adopting a cat still comes with a wide range of challenges. The personality of the cat as well as its needs might be heavily influenced by its breed, thus it is our responsibility to research the cats available for adoption before committing.

A good example is how some cats require a lot more exercise than others, while other breeds do need a certain level of socialization to remain healthy and happy, which is why many times it is recommended to adopt two cats instead of one.

You Might Also End Up Adopting an Anxious Cat

Now, when it comes to adopted cats, you might have to deal with one that is afflicted with separation anxiety, a very specific mental affliction that can greatly influence not only their mental and physical health, but also the way they behave when they are left alone.

This specific affliction can be complicated to deal with depending on its intensity. Mild cases are a lot easier to handle whereas more severe cases do require proper training and treatment. 

Among the treatments that have been considered efficient over the last couple of years that can help cat owners handle their pets with more efficiency, CBD oil has become one of the most popular choices, especially CBD for cats Holistapet, a well-recognized brand inside of the community.

In this article, we will teach the basics of separation anxiety in cats, what you can do to handle the situation, and how CBD oil can aid you through the whole process.

What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a specific type of anxiety that causes stress and anxiety on an animal (or human) when left alone. The intensity of the affliction is decided based on how the cat reacts to being left alone. The more chaotic and intense the cats become, the more intense the problem is, thus the more you will have to invest time and effort into fixing it.

In comparison to dogs, which are a lot more social than cats, cats are less likely to suffer from separation anxiety. That being said, it is still possible for them to suffer from this affliction since it is often triggered by multiple events which are often traumatizing for them.

Some of the events that usually cause a cat to have separation anxiety include:

  • Changing ownership
  • Losing an important member of the family, like their owners or a pet that was frequently present
  • Being abandoned or mistreated
  • Extreme changes in their environment or moving to a new place

Some of the most common hints of a cat with separation anxiety can be easily noticed as long as you pay attention, since, as shown over here, they can affect your coexistence with the cat as well. Good examples include:

  1. Excessive meowing and vocalization to catch your attention
  2. Vomiting, urinating and defecating outside of the litter box, often in inappropriate locations
  3. Lack of appetite or dehydration caused by not consuming enough water
  4. Chaotic and destructive behavior
  5. Euphoric greetings whenever you arrive home

What You Can do and How CBD Oil Can Help

As mentioned multiple times in this article, the intensity of the problem will play an important role in deciding how to act. That being said, most of the time you can apply the same actions regardless of the intensity of the problem, thus, we recommend you to follow at least some of the advice we share.

On the other hand, if the problem is too intense, you might want to consider usingCBD oil. As shown in https://www.healthline.com/health/cbd-oil-benefits, CBD oil works as a form of analgesic and calming medication, since it targets neurotransmitters in the cat that induce a relaxing effect which greatly reduces stress levels and manages anxiety.

This relaxing effect can be incredibly helpful when training your cat to learn how to be alone. Now, some of the things you will want to try doing are:

  1. Not being overly dramatic whenever you leave or arrive at your home. This will normalize the activity of leaving and arriving home, thus helping your cat get used to the event.
  2. Provide your cat with something that will help them cope with loneliness. A lot of professionals usually recommend having two cats instead of one because of this particular reason, and since it is not as expensive as a lot of people believe, it is indeed feasible.
    Still, you can find toys and even tools that can help your cat cope with being alone. Some people even give their cats towels and old shirts with their scent so they can relax more easily!
  3. Give your cat more environmental diversity, like locations to scratch or places to jump around and just be silly little furballs.
  4. Practice leaving your cat alone for short periods of time as well as leaving and going outside and arriving home. Once your cat understands that you will eventually come back, things will definitely improve.
  5. Make sure your cat is getting enough exercise through playing. Excessive energy can be an incredible source of anxiety, and making sure this energy is properly spent is very important.
  6. Leave some source of noise like a T.V or radio. This will help them get a feeling of company!

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