The Top Issues Facing Public Health in the Future

If you are looking for a way to make a difference in the world, you might be thinking about going back to school to get a degree in public health. There are lots of people who are interested in getting into an MPH online program, and there are lots of programs available. You need to think about the benefits and drawbacks of each option before you make a decision. For example, you may have a specific area of public health on which you want to focus. This could help you decide which program is right for you. What are some of the biggest issues facing public health in the future?

  1. Alcohol-Related Issues

Without a doubt, one of the biggest issues facing experts in the field of public health has to do with alcohol. Even though alcohol is legal, it is still incredibly dangerous. There are a lot of people who suffer from alcoholism, and it can have a major impact on people’s personal and professional relationships. Furthermore, alcohol can have a devastating impact on people if they get behind the wheel of a car or operate heavy machinery. There are lots of people in public health who are researching some of the biggest issues related to alcohol, and many of them are developing hypotheses regarding how we can tackle some of these issues. This might be a project that you want to tackle as well.

  1. Heart Disease and Strokes

Even though there have been a lot of advances in the field of medicine, heart disease is still one of the biggest killers. Unfortunately, the western diet is not exactly a healthy one. This is one of the biggest reasons why people develop cholesterol issues, which can lead to major blood pressure problems. Furthermore, obesity is contributing to heart disease as well. In addition to heart disease, strokes and pulmonary emboli are major concerns. There are a lot of important public health officials who are researching this issue. There are several ways to tackle the problem, ranging from education to dietary issues and from cultural problems to a lack of exercise. You may want to consider studying this issue as well.

  1. Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents continue to be a major concern in society, particularly in the United States. In the United States, the mass transit system is not nearly as efficient, so more people rely on cars than they do in other parts of the world. Unfortunately, this also dramatically increases the chances of someone being involved in a motor vehicle accident. With so many people addicted to their cell phones, distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of motor vehicle accidents. There are a lot of public health officials who are researching this issue, looking for ways to reduce the frequency of motor vehicle accidents.

  1. Drug-Resistant Infections

Finally, drug-resistant infections are a major concern in the public health system. Even though it is great that a lot of people have developed antibiotics that can kill some of the deadliest bugs in the world, our antibiotics are also breeding resistance. There are multiple bacteria and viruses that are resistant to numerous types of antibiotics, and we are not generating new antibiotics at the same rate as we once were. Therefore, there is a major concern, particularly in the wake of a pandemic, that drug-resistant infections could become an even bigger issue down the road. This is another major area of focus for people in the field of public health.

Looking to the Future of Public Health

Obviously, these are just a few of the many issues that are facing experts in public health. If you are looking for a career in which you can make a difference, then you may want to consider going back to school to study public health. There are a lot of big issues facing our healthcare system, and it is important for us to put the right people in leadership positions. That might include you. If you want to put yourself in a position to compete for some of the best jobs in the world of public health, you should consider going back to graduate school to get an MPH.

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