The time has come and then you’re finally ready to give you an open fireplace a makeover!

Typically the fireplace is the focal point of the family room and your mantel can fit with the overall style or make your home look unfinished. We’ve seen an array of fireplaces and it is always incredible to see the transformation when a beautiful mantel is incorporated in the room.

When it comes to deciding on the best mantel for your place, we always ask customers about the space to have an idea of the size and elegance of the room. The great thing is there is no exact science to mantel sizing and selection. Also this is the bad news- the options can be intimidating. Below are a husband and wife guidelines we’ve realized over time:


This is the first question to ask yourself when selecting a new mantel for your space. Both equally make an extremely pleased statement and can elevate your home. Should you have a before existing fireplace or a DIY job, a box column mantel will be much better to set up. A nearby chimney attraction or building professional can be a good resource when trying to physique out which may be best.


Mantel Length: This can be the most contentious part of sizing a mantel. Some folks like the mantel to look from one conclusion of the walls to another. Several make it just larger than the firebox. A safe route is to make it 12” longer than the fireside box. For instance, if your fireplace box is 42” then you would order a 56” long mantel. The majority of mantels we sell are from 66”-78”, but we make every mantel custom to your specific space.

Mantel Deal with Height: Is your fireplace in a huge or small room? A mantel with a 6” Deal with Height can endure its ground in a huge home, however, it can overwhelm an inferior space. When you have an inferior space, we recommend a mantel which has a 4-5” Face Elevation.

Mantel Depth: Think about the amount of traffic that occurs around the fireplace. May it be a more narrow squash between another furniture piece? Will it open up to a really large, 2-story space? The particular typical depth of our mantles is anywhere between 10-12”. Nevertheless , if you are looking for something a little bit narrow, we can make it happen.


Is your area traditional? Then you may want to stick with an aligned edge mantle. What color hues can you typically beautify with? Then we suggest selecting a wood with either cool or warm color tones to compliment your home.

The biggest question we get is all about matching the mantel with the flooring or before existing furniture. We all say vary your workout! By seeking to match the wood, you can run the danger of locking yourself in a “one wood room nook. ” In order to compliment the wood, match the undertones. For occasion, if you have Reclaimed Heart Pinus radiata Flooring, a Dark Walnut mantel can bring your hues in the materials and compliment all the details

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