Getting Instagram Followers - The Complete Guide in 2022

Getting Instagram Followers – The Complete Guide in 2022

Do you want to become a celebrity on the Instagram app? Do you want to grow your online brand? Do you want to grow your Instagram? Whether you want to portray yourself to the world or you want to grow your brand, regardless of your choice, it’ll only be possible if you have Instagram followers. There are several ways to go about gaining followers but in this guide, I’ll be giving tips that’ll work for you in 2022.

Instagram is a large app with over 1.4 billion people. On Instagram, you’ll find people from practically every part of the world. With such a large app, making people follow you or your brand is very difficult but not impossible. With specialized tools and the best Instagram practices, you’ll be able to increase your Instagram followers in little or no time.

In this guide, I’ll be introducing you to the best practices you can follow on Instagram in order to increase your followers on the app. Continue reading to learn more about these practices.

How to get more Instagram followers 

Publish content that works consistently 

Increasing your followers on Instagram is no different from driving organic traffic to your website. In both instances, you’ll need quality and quantity in the content you’ll be dishing out. 

For the quantity aspect, you should know that on the Instagram app, the more content you can publish, the more likely it is for you to gain traction. So if you want to increase your followers, it’s important for you to post content regularly with consistency. 

If you have a brand you are managing on the app, then you’ll know that posting quality content regularly is a tasking job. To ease the stress, look for an Instagram scheduling app to help you post your contents when you want them posted to enable you, have a life as well. 

Additionally, the type of content you post on  Instagram shouldn’t be guesswork unless you are a celebrity and you can pull in traffic or attract Instagram followers regardless of the content you post. If you are not, then you’ll have to plan the type of content you post. Use powerful analytics to gain insight on what people on the app are interested in and with that information, you can inform your ongoing content strategy and produce content that people will be willing to see.

Run giveaways on the app

Asides from posting quality content people want to see regularly, if you want to boost your followers rapidly, Instagram giveaways is the way to go. The key to achieving followers through giveaways is by making sure that your followers know what they have to do in order to partake in the giveaway. There are different approaches you can follow with the giveaways to achieve more followers, some of which include:

Like and share giveaways: In this contest, participants of the giveaway will have to like and share your content to enter the giveaway. 

Tag a friend giveaway: In this type, followers have to tag a friend or friends in order to enter the giveaway contest.

Follow to win giveaways: For this type, people can partake in the giveaway by following your accounts.

Optimize your profile and bio

Without a good bio, people will not be able to tell what you are about or what your brand is all about and that’s because when people eventually click on your profile, the first thing they get to see is your Instagram bio. The content on your bio and how captivating they are could be the difference between someone following you or moving on. Hence creating a good bio is a must if you want to grow your Instagram. 

The space allocated for your bio on Instagram is limited, that’s why it should only carry relevant information. Your bio should be able to tell people who you are and what your brand or page is all about.

Cross-promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms

This is a great approach for people or brands that already have a good number of people following them on other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Even if you don’t have a large number of people following you or your brand on other social media platforms, as long as you have followers, you can promote your Instagram account on those platforms so that your followers who are on those platforms can follow you on Instagram as well.

When sharing your Instagram profile, you should consider incentivizing them to check out your Instagram profile. You can do that by either running Instagram specific giveaways or by sharing exclusive coupon codes.

Add popular Hastings to your posts

Creating a great post is one thing, making a lot of people see your post is another thing. To get more people to see your posts you’ll need hashtags. Hashtags make finding your posts easy for users. 

When using hashtags to reach out to more people, use relevant and popular ones to help you or your brand get featured on the Explore section which further increases the chances of your post reaching your target audience.

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