The Best  Scrap Car Company

The Best  Scrap Car Company

If you are the registered owner of the car, you will receive your scrap premium in cash when you hand in the car for car scrapping Skrot bil. All you have to do is have the car registration certificate ready.

If you are not the registered owner, we will make a dispensation so that you get your money back. We do this, for example, in cases where you have not had time to have the car re-registered, or if you have bought the car for spare parts or the like.  Scrapping cars must be easy, and we do what we can to make the process easy for you – and we also have the best scrap prices!Skrotpriser

When can it pay to scrap your car?

Most scrap cars we receive are totally damaged cars that have been involved in traffic accidents. However, it is worth considering whether it pays to rebuild the car before handing it in for scrapping.

If you want to rebuild the car, the cost of the repair must not exceed 65% of the trade value if you want to avoid paying a new registration fee. For repair costs of more than 75%, you must always pay a new registration fee. In case of mid-term, you can either choose a repair or a cash replacement corresponding to the trade value.

When can you get your scrap premium paid out?

If you would like to have paid a scrap premium for your car, the car must still be registered or deregistered after 1 July 2000. In addition, the car must be liability insured and it must weigh a maximum of 3,500 kg.

To receive a scrap premium for scrapping a car, you must unsubscribe from the Central Register for Motor Vehicles when you hand it in for scrap. If it has already been deregistered, you must bring documentation for this. In addition, you must bring the car’s registration certificate and proof that you are the car’s owner, or a power of attorney that you have the right to scrap the car.

The best Skrotpræmie varies from auto shredder to auto shredder. Many car wreckers are part of a scheme that means you do not have to pay for scrapping. It requires that you hand in your car to an approved scrapper with whom your car importer has made an agreement. If you choose an auto scraper outside the scheme, the fees may vary. This is where the car wreckers set their own fee rates.

You can also increase your scrap premium value by unregistering the car and the number plates yourself. You do not have to pay a fee. It is important that you only deregister the car after you have handed it in at the car wrecker. In addition, you must also bring the registration certificate or the form stating that you have handed in the number plates.

When you want to scrap your car, contact an environmentally approved car wrecker. Bring the car’s registration certificate, which you hand in to the car wrecker. If you have already handed in the number plates and deregistered the car, simply bring a form stating that you have handed in the number plates. You can also bring the registration certificate instead.

As soon as you hand in your car, a certificate of car scrapping must be issued. It is the car wrecker who issues this certificate. Both you and the car wrecker must sign the certificate. You must be able to document that it is you who owns the car – if you are not the owner of it on the registration certificate. You can do this by showing a contract or closing note. Here, the last registered owner must have signed.

Your car may be a total wreck, but that is only until USSalvageYards enters the scene. Further info about USSalvageYards. Request a free quote and you’ll be shocked how much we’ll pay for your scraps!

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