The Benefits of Corporate Housing for Business Travelers

The Benefits of Corporate Housing for Business Travelers

Travel has always been integral to business. Now, finding the ideal accommodation – and the housing itself – has changed, for the better.

Relocating for months or more is turning into the norm. From the corporate sector to travel nursing and construction, people are snatching up opportunities to explore other parts of the country, and pad their pockets at the same time.

The corporate housing industry is focusing more on personal touch,  and is oriented toward comfort as it rises to meet the demands of the increasingly dynamic world of business travel.

To get you up to speed, we’ve got the scoop on all things short-term rental. So, when it’s time for your next business trip, you don’t waste any time.

You know exactly how to score the best pad at the best price.

Corporate Housing is Personal

Anyone who’s had to stay at a hotel for three nights or more knows, it doesn’t take long before the novelty wears off.

There’s noise from people shutting doors at all hours. Housekeeping knocks at inopportune times. And, those waffles at the continental breakfast – you know, the ones you make yourself – were fun 10 years ago, but have since gotten old. Fast.

For those traveling on business who will be on location for a week or more, corporate housing and short-term housing rentals are much easier to settle into than a hotel.

Since they’re fully furnished and come stocked with linens, towels, and a blender in the kitchen for a protein smoothie – much better than DIY hotel waffles – all you have to do is bring your clothing, and whatever other essentials you need.For pet owners seeking a stress-free travel experience, consider the added convenience of choosing a Pet-friendly hotel, ensuring a comfortable stay for both you and your furry companion.

Corporate Housing is Convenient

Relocating is stressful. Corporate housing minimizes a bulk of the hassle, and supports those with different circumstances.

People traveling with families or pets for example, can find a multi-bedroom pet friendly unit. Everyone gets to enjoy the privacy of their own room, and the dog has free rein to do what dogs do in its own backyard.

Corporate housing also has you covered in less exciting yet equally important areas; never underestimate the convenience of a washer and dryer or a place with a garage to park the car.

Corporate Housing is More Conducive to Everyday Life

Productivity is an integral aspect of work, that’s a no brainer.

Getting enough rest and attending to the needs of day-to-day life with as little friction as possible is vital.

A disruption to a routine, especially one that centers around eating well and exercise, can be detrimental. It’s much easier to adhere to healthy practices in a home-like environment.

Since corporate housing comes fully stocked and furnished, settling into a routine — cooking meals at home and inviting new friends over for game night — is effortless when compared with attempting the same thing in a hotel.

The equation is simple: Because corporate homes are actual homes, it’s much easier to feel at home. And the benefits of that cannot be understated.

Finding the Perfect Short-Term Rental is a Cinch

Corporate housing and short-term housing rentals are not just limited to bustling urban environments. They’re everywhere.

Many people delay searching because – let’s be honest – you don’t always know what you’re going to get. At least when booking a hotel, you’re familiar with their brand. And their waffles.

The good news is, you can land the perfect corporate house without having to search at all!


There are companies who do it for you. Take Travelers Haven, for example. They take all your must-haves – the dates you’ll be on location, your budget, etc. – and present you with the results: housing options that are tailored specifically to you. Oh, and their service is free! Saving you those precious elusive resources…time and money.

Corporate Housing is More Economical

When relocating temporarily for work, opting for corporate housing over a hotel stay is the less expensive option, for a few reasons.

First, you or your employees get the benefit of cooking your own meals instead of constantly eating out – better for your health (ok… that probably depends more on the type of cooking you do) and saves quite a bit.

Second, depending on where you’re going, the place you’re staying and the duration of that stay, corporate housing almost always averages out to be much cheaper than a hotel.


Look at all the benefits. From comfort and ease, to how simple it is to find the perfect short-term rental and how much you save, the benefits of corporate housing are obvious. And if you love making your own waffles, just add waffle iron to your corporate housing ‘must haves’ list. Travelers Haven will make sure it’s included.

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