Steps to Take on Being Involved in a Drunk and Drive Accident

While road accidents can already leave the people involved feeling devastated, they can stir up a lot of emotions when it has been caused due to a drunk driver. The consequences of such incidents can be hard to deal with as a drunk driver’s state causes the highest amount of negligence. 

If you have encountered such an accident, as hard as it might be to get yourself grounded and take some action, it is greatly essential to do so. In such cases, consulting a lawyer near you could help you approach the situation better legally once you have gotten to a safer spot and condition. 

Below are a few steps you could take immediately in such cases.

  • Move to a safe spot.

In any road accident, no matter the liability and the effect, it is of utmost importance to bring yourself to a safer place alongside the accident spot as soon as possible. It is vital to stay calm and reflect on the situation. If you are not injured badly, try moving the other people involved in the accident to safety. Check for visible injuries, if any, and try seeking first aid. Check out Nepean First Aid Training to learn basic skills that would be helpful in medical emergencies.

  • Contact emergency services

In sustaining such accidents, one of the first tasks after ensuring your safety is to call 911 to alert emergency medical and law enforcement services to aid necessary help. This will further guide you to attaining medical treatment and the related reports. Additionally, filing a police report is mandatory if you have been injured for documentation purposes in further stages of claiming compensation.

  • Collect evidence

Evidence plays a huge role in determining the liable driver for the accident. In these cases, it is usually evident, yet, maintaining proper records for legal procedures, strengthening your case, and winning you the deserving compensation is a crucial step to follow. Note down details of the incident, including but not limited to time, speed of vehicles, surrounding points, the contact information of other drivers and passengers, if any, speaking to witnesses and gathering their information, etc. Having photos of the spot and the property damage caused is a better way of doing so.

  • Consult a personal injury attorney.

The accident will have left you with damages much more than injuries and economic losses to incur. It could also be emotional distress or losing a loved one that can never be recovered. In such cases, to file a case against the drunk driver and claim compensation, approaching a personal injury attorney can best help you. Not only do they guide you through the legal process, but they also gather evidence through your meetings and other ways that can strengthen your case. Finally, while your insurer can help you get a claim, estimating the deserving compensation and arranging for expert witnesses, if necessary, can be done solely by the attorney. 

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