Autostar Transport Is Your Trusted Florida to New York Auto Shipper

Autostar Transport Is Your Trusted Florida to New York Auto Shipper

If you are searching for a way to transport your automobile from Florida to New York safely, then you want a company with a reputation for being reliable, safe, and timely. Autostar Transport has proven over the past sixteen years to be the best in the auto transport business. We offer many options to fit your auto transport needs with affordable, upfront quotes. Planning affordable and timely car shipping from Florida to NY, may seem daunting as you search for a company you can trust, but Autostar Transport makes the process smooth and efficient from start to finish.

The Process Of Shipping Your Car Is Straightforward With Autostar Transport

We offer a three-step program for efficient auto shipping that has proven to be effective and convenient for customers time and time again. Click here to learn more about how easy it is to ship your car with Autostar.

The three-step process starts with your initial contact by phone, online form, or email, where we will provide a quote and book the order. The second step involves picking up your car at your chosen location on a scheduled date. The third step is to receive your vehicle in the same condition we started in and add a review to our thousands of reviews from satisfied clients. It really is that simple to ship your car from Florida to New York. Autostar Transport removes both the stress and hassle from auto shipping and leaves clients with results they can rely on time and time again for all of their auto shipping needs.

What Makes Autostar Transport Stand Out?

We stand out in the car transport business because we strive to be the best in every aspect of the transport from the initial call to the final inspection. You will find the same quality service and eye for detail from us whether it is your very first transport or your tenth this year. Your precious cargo is in the hands of experts in the business who are the preferred transport company of dealerships across the nation. We have over sixteen years of experience and ten thousand reviews that back our claim.

Learn More About Car Shipping from Florida to NY

Moving a vehicle can seem arduous, but car shipping across the nation does not have to be stressful if you leave the work to the pros who have the equipment, licensing, and experience to make easy work of any shipping need you may have.

The approximate distance between Florida and New York is around 1,145.4 miles, depending on where in each state need your vehicle transported to and from. Each and every mile that your vehicle travels in our care will be one made by skilled professionals who take pride in a job done perfectly. You don’t have to worry about anything except enjoying your vehicle when it arrives at the destination.

The schematics of a successful vehicle transport begin long before the key turns in the transport vehicle. We employ trained drivers with good driving records, plot every mile, ensure that your vehicle is safe, and have all the required licensing from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Department of Transportation, and insurance to protect your assets every step of the way.

For additional peace of mind, we even provide tracking numbers that allow you to see exactly where your vehicle is every step of the way. We understand that trusting your purchase or sale to a stranger to transport across long distances can be an added stress, and we do everything we can to make the process as smooth as possible.

Whether you are new to buying a car online and this is your first experience in auto shipping, or you are a dealer who has dozens of vehicles shipped each year, we will impress you quickly with our professionalism and keep your business with our results. We ship vehicles for military moves, dealerships, auto collectors, and family moves straight from auction sites, rental companies, and more. No matter your situation, we likely have the transport solution for you.

Door-to-Door, Open-Car-Transport, or Enclosed-Car Shipping

You will be faced with the decision between door-to-door transport, open-car transport, and enclosed-car shipping for your auto transport between Florida and New York.

Door-to-door is, as the name implies, your vehicle is picked up from your chosen location and delivered directly to your exact chosen address. This convenient option is highly personalized and fast, but it is not our most affordable choice because your vehicle will be transported individually.

Open Car Transport is more affordable as your vehicle will be safely transported with other vehicles on a large multilevel trailer. This option is great for dealerships or those who don’t mind picking up their vehicle at a predetermined nearby location.

Enclosed Car Shipping is our premium option for complete enclosure of the vehicle while on the road. Your vehicle will be inside a shipping truck, secured down, and safe from all possible road elements, including dust. This option is popular for buyers of antique or luxury cars for its additional layer of protection, although clients can rest assured that their vehicle is safe in our open car transport as well.

Our flatbed carrier option is ideal for larger vehicles that may not fit on an open car transport truck or in enclosed car shipping. It is as reliable and safe as our other options.

We also offer local and nationwide towing services for situations including emergency towing, warranty service towing, junk car removal, and more. No matter your vehicle moving needs, we likely have the equipment and experience to help you accomplish your goals.

Contact Us To Start The Process of Auto Shipping Nationwide

Learn more about our variety of car shipping from Florida to NY services across our website and contact us via our online form or call us at 888-802-8250. We transport luxury cars, online auto purchases, motorcycles, bulk cars, or single cars for dealerships, family moves, military moves, and more. Find out why we stand out in the auto shipping business, and get your quote today.

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