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Is Investing In Precious Metals A Good Idea And How To Do It?

Thinking about starting an investment endeavor and adding the assets you want to your portfolio with the aim of making it stronger and safer, you must have come across one rather interesting option that people are using nowadays. The option of adding precious metals to those portfolios. Hearing about this from other people, possibly even your friends who have managed to make a profit by doing it, will have you wondering. Is this something you should do, or is it a trend that you should wait out, as it will fade away as quickly as it became popular? Good question! And easy to answer.

Fading away is not a possibility here, as precious metals aren’t and have never been a short-term trend. Going a bit back in time and taking a look at the history of these assets will make it completely clear that they are here to stay. They’ve always been around, and things are not about to change anytime in the future. This, however, is still not enough for you to figure out if you should actually invest in these metals or not. Finding out if there are any good reasons to do this is your goal, and you’ll learn about some if you go to this page.

Is Investing In Precious Metals A Good Idea?

Investing before figuring out if this is the right move would be quite reckless, and great investors have never been reckless. Sure, they do take risks, but those risks are also quite calculated and never rash and irresponsible. Learning from the best, you should always aim at inspecting all of your investing opportunities in details prior to making any concrete moves towards buying the assets you’re thinking of buying. Inspecting the opportunity of precious metals, though, is certainly of utmost significance and figuring out if this is a good idea or not is something to do before taking any steps towards doing it.

If looking for the short answer, then here’s everything you need to know. Yes, investing in precious metals is certainly a good idea and it can provide for a great ROI. Using this opportunity can also protect and safeguard your portfolio, in addition to providing those great returns, which is another great plus for precious metals. Simply stating that this is a good idea, however, probably won’t be enough to help you form your own opinion on whether to do this, so we need to proceed to answering the question of why.


Why is this a good idea? Multiple reasons, really. Listing some of those, as I’ll do below, and having them presented to you all in one place will help you figure out why people are doing this as well as why you may want to join the party too. Joining the party before finding out at least some of the reasons, though, wouldn’t be wise, as it would border on reckless, and I’ve explained previously that smart investors are never reckless, even when taking risks. Precious metals don’t pose great risks and it’s clear that they’re a great investing opportunity, but you still need to know why so as to be able to say that your decision to invest is properly calculated and not rash.

If you’re thinking of the timing and when to do this, here’s something to open your eyes about it:

  1. They Are A Hedge Against Inflation

We’re seeing prices going up and the value of the dollar consequently going down. Inflation. It’s the biggest enemy of the people, and it seems to be on the rise lately. Nobody knows when or if things will get better, but even if they do, we can’t expect the future to never bring similar spikes and similar problems again. Building an investment portfolio is also risky nowadays, as you never know which assets will flop and which ones are sure to survive. Protecting that portfolio with precious metals, though, assets that have proved their value and stability throughout history and that will continue proving it in the future, is thus a rather smart move, as you’ll get protected against inflation, especially so because the prices of those metals tend to rise whenever the costs of living rise.

  1. And Thus A Safe Haven

Silver and gold have earned the status of save haven investments, precisely because they provide for stability and a sort of a safety net during those times of economic instabilities. Going through life without having that kind of a safety net and never doing anything to protect your portfolio can have you lose pretty much all of your savings at once, not being able to recover from it. Adding these assets to the portfolio will increase your financial safety, given that their value is known for being stable even in the most uncertain of times. Being immune to the sources of economic instabilities, precious metals are the perfect safe haven for all investors.

  1. They Are Highly Liquid

Liquidity is another thing to discuss and consider whenever making investments. Buying something you’ll never be able to sell is not exactly the best move, even if you’re now thinking that you won’t have the need or the desire to sell at all. Things change and you never know what the future holds, meaning that buying liquid assets is the smartest move. Precious metals are, of course, extremely liquid, as they’re always in demand.

  1. The Supply Is Being Secured By Great Mining Companies

When assets are in demand and their supply is not that huge, prices are bound to go up. For the time being, though, great mining companies are securing the supply and, as you’ll see if you visit Journey Forward and learn about one of them, the industry is growing strategically, with some of those companies being publicly traded on the stock markets. Being publicly traded on stock markets means you also have an option to invest in stocks of those mining companies if you’re up for it, as that is a rather secure opportunity as well, one that will protect you against volatility of other stocks, and against the inflation I’ve mentioned above as well, as mining is bound to survive and continue regardless of any economic instabilities that may come your way.

  1. There’s A Low Entry Barrier

When buying some other assets, you may need to go through brokers and multiple channels to do so, while purchasing precious metals is as easy as ordering clothes online. Okay, sure, you’ll need to be more careful than that, but the point is that the entry barrier is low, and you won’t have to go through extremely complicated processes so as to obtain these assets. When buying mining companies’ stocks, though, the barrier may be a bit higher, but the process will still be pretty simple, and you won’t have a hard time doing everything the right way.

  1. Diversifying Is Important

Keeping your portfolio stuffed with one asset type and never introducing another one into it is extremely risky and, once again, reckless. If aiming at taking risks, you should take much smarter ones. In this case, though, what you should do is diversify the portfolio, as that’s the wisest way to secure it and ensure financial stability in the future. Diversifying with precious metals is even wiser, due to the stability that they provide and the value they hold over time. So, make sure to diversify and thus keep your portfolio much safer.

How To Do It?

Understanding why buying those precious metals is a great move is one of the things to do, and the next thing on the list is for you to learn how to actually do it. Knowing the how is just as important, if not more, as knowing the why. Taking the wrong steps could lead to dissatisfaction down the line, and that’s certainly something you’d like to avoid. So, first and foremost, remember you can invest in gold (additional info) and other metals by buying them physically and holding them in your IRA. Then, you can also invest in the stocks of mining companies, a safe investment as well, as those are highly unlikely to go under any time soon.

Deciding how much to invest is your next step after choosing one of the methods I’ve presented to you above. Keeping at least 10% of your portfolio in precious metals is often a good practice, as the goal is to protect that portfolio with these assets, and a lower percentage probably wouldn’t do such a good job protecting it. Moving on, knowing when to invest is another important thing, and you should remember that there are months when prices are lower and months when prices are higher. What you should aim at is buying when the prices are lower, as it’s completely logical already, and then store the assets and let them grow in value and help you build your wealth over time, providing you with a great ROI should you decide to sell at some point.

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