Choose your paradise: the best cities to live in Northern Cyprus

The special status of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the reason for the low cost of real estate in this part of the island. This fact, combined with the amazing beauty of nature, mild maritime climate, and high level of security, attracts foreign investors.

Apartments, houses, villas, commercial real estate are bought for personal permanent residence, passive income, business. The choice of a particular place of residence depends on the plans, family composition, lifestyle of the property buyer.

The cities of the TRNC are located along the Mediterranean coast, in the center of the country. Each has its own benefits.

Kyrenia, Famagusta

These seaside places are mostly chosen by families with children. All year round here you can enjoy the proximity of the sea, breathe the cleanest air. Features and benefits of locations on the coast:

  • well-developed tourist, trade, entertainment infrastructure;
  • a huge selection of clean sandy beaches;
  • legal gambling business (in Kyrenia).
  • promising rental potential. Many foreign students live in Famagusta, it is easy to rent an apartment here for a long term;

There are prestigious British schools in Kyrenia, educational programs are aimed at effective teaching of the English language from early childhood.

Nicosia, the capital of the island state, is attractive for IT professionals, as they enjoy a preferential tax regime. Residential real estate is offered in a wide price range, there are options for any budget.

Lefke and Guzelyurt

The city of Lefke is the choice of connoisseurs of a calm, measured life. For living with children, you can buy a house with a land plot, grow a garden, a vegetable garden, and fully satisfy the family’s needs for natural products. This is cheap real estate. Education in schools is conducted in Turkish, there are English-language programs at the European University.

Free from the bustle of tourists, Morphou is buried in pine trees, orchards, also there is all the infrastructure necessary for a comfortable life.

The choice of a city for the purchase of a real estate object in Northern Cyprus is determined by the intended goals. It is better to organize commercial activities in coastal tourist centers, for farming – to settle in the depths of the island, for families with children – to choose a location with a suitable education system.

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