Instagram tips for the marketers in 2022

Instagram tips for the marketers in 2022

Today we will talk about the Instagram marketing tips that every marketer needs. Let’s get straight to the information! We will talk about different aspects of the marketing – for instance, how to get more followers organically, how to buy Instagram followers from trusted sources, how to create a better marketing plan, etc.


Reviews are proof of your coolness. Video reviews work better than photos and texts, which is logical – people like real people, not static pictures. But in general, we recommend using all the options – not everyone has the opportunity to make video reviews.


Stories, when used correctly, are a powerful tool for profit. Here you can do everything – engage, entertain, present the brand, and communicate with subscribers. Polls, stickers, tests, quizzes – what you do is up to you. We recommend releasing at least 2-4 Stories per day.

Stories topics

To increase engagement, start a special rubric – for example, “question-answer”. By answering questions, you help the audience, become useful and inspire trust. All this builds a strong relationship with the audience.

Other topic ideas:

  • Weekly survey
  • Team photo
  • Stories from the founder of the brand
  • show the “inner kitchen” of the project

User Generated content

Fans of the brand often publish posts where they brag about the purchase and talk about it in detail. Follow these posts with a hashtag and share them on your profile with the tag of the author of the post.

Instagram Live

Live streaming is one of the best ways to engage subscribers and increase loyalty. At live events, answer questions, tell us about the launch of a new product — or let an expert of your brand do it.  Don’t forget to announce the broadcast to get more viewers on the air.


Instagram TV is an Instagram app for watching long videos. All videos on IGTV are vertical and designed to be viewed from a smartphone. By posting videos on IGTV, you can get additional traffic – users can also actively interact with this type of content (like, comment, etc.)


Often it is enough just to ask the audience to do something, especially if they are already “warmed up” by your content and are interested in the product. At the end of each post, add a call-to-action (CTA) – offer to like, share your opinion in the comments or buy a product.

Link in profile

On Instagram, you can’t put clickable links in photo captions or posts, so many brands place a link to the site in their profile, and offer to follow the link in posts. Use this trick.


People are always interested in looking into the “behind the scenes” of projects. Share photos from the backstage of the photoshoot, showcase the team’s lifestyle. This will set you apart from your competitors and help create an open and relaxed image. A brand that is not afraid to show its real face will always inspire more trust.


Trite, but still works. People love to look at cute animals on the Internet, so if your team has cats, fish, dogs, it’s a sin not to show them. According to statistics, such posts collect a lot of likes and comments – use this to increase the engagement in your profile.

Photo quality

Even if you have put a lot of time and effort into promotion, but your image quality is “lame”, there will be no sense in the promotion. High-quality photos are a key element of the profile presentation on Instagram. Unique, bright and reflecting the benefits of the product, the pictures are what you need. When shooting, think about lighting, composition, and background first.

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