Important tips for the business newbies

Important tips for the business newbies

Do you want to learn tips for the business owners? Well, we have crafted the most interesting for the business owners.

How to live with partners 

When a partner is a partner, and not an investor or manager, there is one idiotic, but working scheme. You need to “enter” the business together exactly 50 to 50. In a small business, it’s damn important that no one weighs who works less and who works more in the first two or three years. Both are equal, both are trying their best. But at the same time, one should be the main one in everything. And not by region, but all at once. Otherwise, the plan will fail.

Bargaining is appropriate. 

This is the basic principle of any business. If you’re not bargaining, cut your hands off. Figuratively. You can always trade. Although no, there is one point: when they do something to you out of generosity, out of favor. And both sides understand this. For example, when there is a relationship in a deal related to patronage or something like that. When the deal is clean – “buy-sell”, then you always need to bargain. They don’t take money for asking. If everyone is given as much as they ask, nothing will be left for themselves. Any offer implies that a person is ready to give up the price.

Video marketing at its best!

2022 is the year of video marketing. Yes, traditional marketing is good but people already pay attention to the video reviews. They want real and authentic reviews of the products-services. That’s why you should pay attention to video marketing. What has to be planned – Create a big plan for content, upload on time and buy YouTube views for more exposure.

Your position: Do not write the position on a business card

If you notice that you have the right to make the final decision, this immediately weakens your position in the negotiations. And sometimes offends the person with whom you lead them. After all, instead of saying: “No, I decided so,” you can always say: “The management did not agree on such a budget.” And the situation “I am bargaining with a tyrant” turns into a situation “I and a natural phenomenon”.

Customers will tell you how to provide good service. 

It makes no sense to listen to what consultants or anyone else has to say about how you should greet visitors. The only thing that matters is what the customers themselves want. They must be asked.

If a client asks for something, agree. 

Every time a client asks us if we can do something for him, we have one answer – yes. If you slammed the door, left the keys in the car, or punctured a tire and now call us and ask for help, we will answer: “Of course.” Of course, we can’t paint your house or wash your windows: we still sell cars. But when your request concerns our business, we will respond positively. Whenever possible, we try to help our customers.

Forget about business hours. 

Customer service is a 24 hour job. In any case, it should be like this. First, clients may sometimes ask you to do something after 5:00 pm or on a Sunday. Since we agreed on the rule “When a client asks for something, the answer is always yes”, then it should be applied in this case too. There is a second, more fundamental reason for forgetting about the concept of “working time”. How can we serve the customer the best if we force them to fit into our schedule? By definition, this is inconvenient for him.

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