How to select the best electric bike for daily use

How to select the best electric bike for daily use?

The increasing number of electric bikes hitting our roads is wonderful for health and the environment, but finding your first electric bike can be a minefield. Here we break down all the aspects of electric bikes to help make your buying decision easier.

What kind of bike do I need?

We usually start the conversation by asking a customer, “What are you going to do with the bike?” Because this will narrow down the style of bike that works best for you. Our Bike Type Ultimate Guide will provide a general guide to different bikes for different purposes, once a style is decided we look for the equivalent of batteries and motors. Below is a list of some eskute electric bike-specific options and trade-ins for those specific styles/types.


Electric bikes weighing between 15 and 19 kg are available in certain styles, with trade-offs in motor power, battery size, or price. Stepper bikes don’t usually have lightweight versions

The mountain

Choose from hardtail or full brace (hardtail and full brace guides) and choose a bike for all-out downhill or trail riding. Ebike-specific issues here are motor power, battery size, and whether you want lightweight at the cost of motor power.


When deciding whether to buy a commuter electric bike, the main decision factors are weight, style (such as Dutch style by step), and price.


We’ve already mentioned step-up options and many Dutch-style (upright-sitting) bikes have adjustable handlebars for comfort. Front and seat suspension options are also available to tame those bumps.


If your home is tight on space, you need to transport your bike easily, or you don’t have secure bike storage, a folding electric bike might just be for you. Brompton and Tern are our top picks.

How fast is a 1000-watt electric bike?

Although it doesn’t seem as fast as driving a car, a 1,000-watt electric bike is equivalent to about 35 mph. These powerful electric bikes are generally used for off-road activities and rough terrain, not for daily commuting.

How much does a good electric bike cost?

Today, electric bikes are considered a great form of transportation, especially for commuting. Its integrated motor, pedal assist, and extra power allow commuters to convert from regular road bikes to electric bikes. However, electric bikes range in price from $750 to $14,000.

How fast can a 1200-watt electric bike go?

If your route is uphill and you need speed, we recommend our 1200W electric bike conversion kit. The average speed you will get is between 25-30mph. Now with a 1500W motor, it can reach an average speed of 35mph.

Why are electric bikes limited to 28 mph?

The reason Class 3 electric bikes are allowed to go up to 28 mph is that the CPSC has clarified that the law allows electric bikes to go faster than 20 mph using pedals. and that at the same time the motor power of the electric bike.

Do electric bikes charge while riding?

Generally, the answer is that electric bikes don’t charge while you pedal. However, there are some exceptions to this answer. With some models, you don’t have to pedal all the time. You can stop pedaling at any time and the bike will keep going.

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