The Best Red Light Therapy Devices for Weight Loss

In a previous blog, we already talked about how red light therapy can benefit weight loss. Red light therapy works from the following points: 1) Red light can stimulate mitochondria in adipocytes (fat cells) and boost energy consumption and cellular respiration; 2) red light can stimulate transitory micropores in the cytomembrane of adipocytes, which helps lipid release; 3) red light can cause a signaling cascade that triggers the conversion of triglycerides; 4) red light can improve blood circulation around the adipocytes. Not only does red light therapy work quickly and effectively for reducing fat cells, but it’s also safe and natural. In this blog, we will give more clinical trials on the application of red light therapy for this purpose.

How does red light therapy work for weight loss?

Red and near-infrared light therapy can boost the fat-cell-burning process by directly targeting the mitochondria in fat cells. It is well-recognized that the mechanism of red light therapy is to promote the cellular respiration of all kinds of cells through photobiomodulation.

Red light therapy helps metabolic flexibility.

Through different signaling pathways, as mentioned in the previous blog, red light therapy can enhance the metabolism of body cells. Metabolic flexibility is often impaired in diseases that relate to obesity. Metabolic flexibility is the capability to adapt to the condition changes in need of metabolic balance. This study explored the relationship of metabolic flexibility with insulin resistance and mechanisms that govern fuel selection between glucose and fatty acids, and it highlights the metabolic inflexibility of obesity and type 2 diabetes. A clinical trial using 808 nm demonstrated the magnified effect of using phototherapy with physical training in reducing fat mass and promoting significant changes in the inflexibility of the metabolic profile.

Red light therapy decreases free fatty acid generation

It is known that excessive circulating free fatty acids (FFA) will lead to insulin resistance. As discussed before, adipocytes have two types: brown adipocytes tissues (BAT) and white adipocytes tissues (WAT). In controlling glucose-lipid metabolic balance, WAT are crucial. Only WAT will contribute to obesity, which is a primary source of FFA generation and release through triglyceride (TG) hydrolysis. The abnormal lipid metabolism in adipose tissues also plays important roles in glucose homeostasis and overall insulin resistance, and excessive lipolysis in adipocytes raises plasma FFA concentrations. Type 2 diabetes and obesity usually have characteristics of insulin resistance, which is identified as reduced insulin sensitivity of peripheral tissues.

The picture below shows that FFAs cause insulin resistance by inhibiting insulin-mediated glucose uptake into muscle, which is reflected as that the release of FFAs and the extraction of triglycerides from plasma in abdominal subcutaneous WAT is much lower in obese people than in lean people.

This clinical trial found that using visible and near-infrared light ameliorated insulin resistance by reducing adipose FFA release. The picture below explained the mechanism behind — PBMT promoted mitochondrial reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation, which inhibited phosphatase and tensin homologue (PTEN) and promoted protein kinase B (AKT) activation. Photoactivation of AKT inhibited the transcriptional activity of Forkhead box transcription factor O1 (FoxO1), reducing expression of lipolytic enzymes and FFA generation and release.

Here, what we want to show is that not only can red light therapy improve cellular respiration levels and upregulate metabolism, which hit straightforwardly at the core of weight loss, but it also helps weight loss through systematic effects, which bring benefits to overall metabolic flexibility and insulin resistance degree. Some trial also found that the effectiveness of red light therapy for inflammation can also benefit modulating insulin resistance.

Choose the Bestqool red Light therapy devices for weight loss

Though red light therapy is a non-invasive and safe treatment with only nominal side effects, which has been proven by numerous medical studies, choosing the best red light therapy devices for your weight loss plan is not easy. A medical-grade red light therapy device has requirements of LED technology and manufacturing technology, to both allow the highest therapeutic performance and

abide by the highest safety standards of the industry. People usually aren’t aware of that not every common red light therapy device can be applied in the medical field, much less achieve an efficient and effective therapeutic process. There are some easy tips helping to find the best red light therapy device for your need.

  • A medical-grade red light therapy device has authoritative proof of therapeutic effect and safety standards. Bestqool red light therapy devices are all FDA-cleared and produced from our FDA-registered factories. A medical-grade light therapy device has to ensure both effectiveness and efficacy. With the edge-cutting LED modeling and manufacturing technology, Bestqool devices are able to emit wavelengths that are focused on the narrow band of clinical-proven effective wavelengths — red light at 660 nm and near-infrared light at 830 nm. An adequate irradiance level is the key to ensure the efficacy of treatment and Bestqool devices are able to reach as high as the irradiance level of 100 mW/cm^2 which is applied in numerous clinical studies and proven as versatile for a wide range of medical concerns.
  • Concerning about your need and the range of treatment area is indispensable before a purchase. For weight loss purpose, choosing a device large enough to cover the area of your fat tissues, such as the area of abdominal subcutaneous fat layer. You may need a half-body or full-body size of red light therapy device to affiliate your treatment efficiency. It’s obvious not a good option to choose a device for target treatment. Bestqool devices for half-or-full body treatment are also equipped with digital control, timer system, different levels of irradiance control and dual-wavelengths choice. With a three-year warranty provided for all Bestqool devices, you can know what is the best choice to make your money worthy.

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