How to Play Sabong Live at Online Casinos? Some Major Tips

How to Play Sabong Live at Online Casinos? Some Major Tips

Some people enjoy an occasional game of cock fighting; others are more serious about it and make it a hobby. But despite its popularity, there isn’t a comprehensive guide on how to play this game. Playing sabong may not seem like much of a stretch from what you do at home on your laptop or computer. However, the skills required for this game are very different, especially when you want to play for real money at online casinos.

Cock fighting, a “sport” of sorts, is often seen as an inhumane way to amuse oneself. However, many different aspects of cockfighting make it worth looking into and understanding. In the Philippines, a game like bingo and sabong is a simple guessing game played by two or more players. When you prefer playing sabong, make sure that you will consider the s888 live platform for gambling because this site is the best for gambling. Some significant steps mentioned below will help you know how gambling in this game takes place.

Know about the Cockfight First

Before you play a cockfight, you must understand what happens during the fight. A cockfight takes place between two opposing cockfighters. Using chickens, they will try to defeat their adversary’s bird within a limited time. The winner is the one whose chicken will survive in the end.

Know Your Opponent’s Strategies

  • Another tip to consider while sabong is to know about your opponent’s strategies and moves before your game begins.
  • For example, you can predict which chicken will be the fastest and able to fly the highest.
  • You can also estimate what the other player’s strategy is so that you can counter your opponent’s moves.

Know Your Body Mechanics

While playing a cockfight, you must know basic fight training techniques. For example, if your adversary has a longer beak than yours, you must know how to bend your wrist in a way that allows you to strike his beak with more force.

Know about the Real Money Sabong

  • If you want to play sabong with actual money, then you must need to do some research about the game.
  • For example, you will have to learn about the rules and regulations of cockfighting in your area and the types of birds available.
  • Some tips don’t work in real money; you must consider them.

Learn the Basics

One important tip to consider when playing sabong is to learn the basics of cockfighting. For example, you will have to know what type of bird wins in different scenarios and how much it costs to prepare yourself accordingly.If you are new to the game of sabong, you should consider doing some research first. Then, you must consider some tips above to make the most accurate predictions and win your money.


The only way to learn how to play sabong at s888 liveis to try it out. It’s easy enough to learn the rules, but you need to play it a few times before you can get the hang of it. Even the most basic routines can be challenging if you don’t know anything about them. Yet once you get used to sabong and develop your style of playing, it is one game that will provide countless hours of fun. Once you learn the basics of getting involved in live cock fight games will be very beneficial for you. It will help you grab positive outcomes without facing problems and allow you to win big with huge earnings. So, ensure you will grab the proper details and have better experiences.

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