How to identify a trustworthy shipment forwarder?

How to identify a trustworthy shipment forwarder?

Even though this is your maiden experience with shipping or you’ve already shipped items from China to Mexico, the process might be challenging. This post will show you how to save money and time and prevent problems in this complicated procedure.

A shipment forwarder, forwarding agency, or cargo agent is a knowledgeable member of the international commerce and transportation sector. They coordinate the shipping from China to Mexico service using one or more carriers (air, sea, rail or highway). Discovering a trustworthy vendor amongst some of the hundreds of organizations in the market today can be difficult, but having a shipment forwarder on your side can make all the difference when you don’t have enough time or energy, experience, or want to avoid all the problems that this process can cause, such as proper documentation or cross-see transportation process issues. 

Should you go for a Chinese or Mexican freight forwarder?

It is usually advisable to hire a freight forwarder from China when importing from China, regardless of shipping. Because of the benefits of language and location, the Chinese freight forwarder is the best option for international carriers, and you’ll also require a warehouse for storage and preparation. 

Skilled in Mandarin and Cantonese, a professional Chinese freight forwarder will have these skills. A thorough understanding of Chinese business culture, experience handling its suppliers, classification and sourcing strategy experience, grade control experience, audit experience, and logistics experience. Local forwarders (from Mexico) may frequently need to enlist the help of a Chinese agent to manage the selection, preparation, storage, and customs clearance.

How to judge the reliability of a shipment forwarder?

What counts is the time, money, and success of your shipping from China to Mexico. In general, freight forwarders are dependable and competent agents that can assist you in shipping your products to their final destination without difficulty; nevertheless, you may question the freight forwarder or analyse if he is qualified for your transportation or not:

1) Would the shipping company have a Chinese government business licence? – When you get a company licence, everything becomes legal and transparent for you.

2) Would the shipping company have a formal website with a high Google ranking? – You can get all relevant information regarding their services and charges on their website. Not to add that, in today’s world, every firm that values itself and cares about its consumers must have Google reviews.

3) Is the company’s insurance plan adequate? – A good insurance plan is essential because it will compensate you for any damage to your goods during shipment or warehousing.

4) Do they have a comprehensive cargo tracking system that can provide real-time updates on the status of your shipment? – Finding a cargo shipping partner that provides cargo tracking is critical because you can know where your shipment is in real-time and how long it will take to reach its final destination.

5) You can also request a copy of the most recent shipment record or bill of lading. An account of lading provides all pertinent information regarding the products’ kind, quantity, condition, and destination.

6) Were answers quick, with expert advice and explanations, during the consultation? – If you are satisfied with their services but have concerns about the procedure, it is essential to test the freight forwarder with a modest package. You won’t lose a lot of money if something goes wrong this way.



The procedure of shipping from China to Mexico service is usually complex because of the type of shipping procedure it includes. It requires numerous storage, document preparation, customs concerns, cargo insurance, and so on (airfreight, sea freight, or multimodal transportation).

The international logistics business has risen in tandem with the fast growth of international trade, and selecting an experienced freight forwarder is critical to solving the challenge of international transportation.

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