Green Planet Dubai Tickets Pulling you into the World of Natural Wonders

Green Planet Dubai Tickets Pulling you into the World of Natural Wonders

Explore and learn about the world our mother nature has created and observe its inner working in a series of exciting journeys through different territories. From watching the humble Lonely Loris and Amal bond, the slowly moving sloth hanging from the tree to hearing 1000 red-bellied piranhas bark and observing the movements of a vicious snake you can witness wonders through the variety of wildlife living at The Green Planet Dubai. The Green Planet Dubai tickets come for AED 140 if you get them at the gate and AED 110 if you purchase them online.

The 10 wonders of Nature at the Green Planet Dubai

  1. Peruse The Australian Walkabout

Explore the wildlife of Australia at the newly-renovated indoor rainforest level, filled with the most exotic creatures from down south. The walkabout displays an array of ecosystems ranging from red sand exhibits, abandoned planes, and landmarks filled with kangaroos, wallabies, snakes, birds, frogs, and spiders. Here, you get to experience and learn about the diverse environments and creatures of Australia along with why it is one of the few mega bio-diverse countries in the world.

  1. Shrink to the Bug Life

Ever observed a tiny bug’s life and activities in a day? Might not be for a whole day but you can surely have a closer look at their way of life at the Bug Encounter. Starting at 4:30 pm it is a 20-minute session where you get to interact with bugs ranging from the scary Tarantula to the tiny and humble worm.

  1. Face them reptiles this Once

Housing some of the creepiest of the lot, take a look at the varieties of reptiles at the reptile Encounter. In the 20-minute session you will be let into the world of dangerous snakes, chameleons, and lizards to the cute turtles, to embrace the thrill of it.

  1. Glide with the Sugar Glider

Nocturnal in nature, the Sugar gliders are some of the cutest and funniest mammals there are. They might seem a bit unapproachable at first, but you can observe them glide from one tree to the other spreading the flap of a skin layer.

  1. Hang with the Bats

You might have only seen the bats hanging down from the ceiling of a bat cave in animations and movies. Make it a reality by visiting the Batcave with The Green Planet Dubai tickets, where you can observe them in their habitat. Keep in mind that participation in this activity needs prior information from the authorities.

  1. Hear em Bark: Piranhas!

The depiction of piranhas in movies might render us to believe in only the existence of carnivorous ones. But visit the piranha’s abode to see the vegetarian ones too. Also, did you know they bark? Witness this as well while you keenly observe the movements of the piranhas.

  1. O so Slow-th!

Most of us relate to this cute sloth that moves the slowest of them all. Visit the sloth encounter to bear witness to the hanging and have a great time. You will be able to capture some shots in the midst of them in action.

  1. Finding home: Lonely Loris and Amal

Bare witness to the love saga of Lonely Loris and Amal, two slow lorises who were found abandoned in UAE at different times. They were given shelter at The Green Planet in hopes of giving each of them a suitable partner and companion for support. They have been bonding wonderfully. Through this session, you can be a part of it and observe their bond up close.

  1. Save the Toucans

Experience the presence and being of the endangered tropical birds of Toucan, Caiques, or other small parrots with the Green Planet Dubai tickets. You will be allotted a total of 20 mins where you can capture pictures and learn more about them and their habitat.

  1. Get Outdoorsy at the Teen’s Summer Camp

Pulling you away from the screens of laptops and gaming tabs is this fun and adventurous summer camp at The Green Planet Dubai. Teens will be taught everything from how to help them with basic care, nutrition, and hygiene. This 20-hour program stretches through 4 days at the cost of Dhs950.

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