Dubai Dolphin Show And Other Adventures At Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphin Show And Other Adventures At Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai is the land of extravagance and marvels. With the beautiful sand all around, you may think it is a boring place to visit. However, Dubai is an incredible sight and is more famous for the Dubai Dolphin Show and Desert Safari. This province presents incredible views of cruises, water parks, sparkling sands, rides on boats, and other adventures. After watching the splendid height of the Burj Khalifa, having dinner on marvelous spots, and enjoying the desert tour, it is time to play with the waters.

The air-conditioned Dubai Dolphinarium gives you the chance to rejoice with the dolphins. The friendly creatures will show numerous skills and acrobats that you can never imagine from any animal. Moreover, there will be various types of interaction with these lovely creatures. Let us see what these dolphins have in store for you.

Dubai Dolphin Show of Dolphin Planet

Dubai Dolphin Show is marvelous family entertainment that you can enjoy indoors. There are three types of shows available within the AC chamber to let you play the friendly dolphins in various ways. The types of dolphin show available on Dolphin Planet are;-

  • Majestic Dolphin Swim: Dance and hug the cute dolphins as much as you can at the Majestic Dolphin Swim. It is perfect for kids of 5 years and above. For every session, there can be 6 guests with a maximum weight of up to 110Kg. The interaction with the animals in deep water is remarkable. Belly ride or Dorsal Fin Tow will be the pleasant ways to swim with the dolphins.
  • Up-Close & Personal (Shallow Water): Connecting with the friendly creatures is possible in this show in the shallow (knee-deep) water. You and your kids will be in a great mood while dancing, kissing, and singing with the dolphins.
  • Swim with Dolphins: It will be a highly energetic ride as you get on the back of the dolphins and swim along with them. However, your kids will be under the supervision of trained personnel. The activities are fun-filled.

Dolphin and Seal Show

The impressive performances of dolphins and seals live will be interesting to watch. Moreover, it is one of the most popular shows for kids in Dubai. The interactive session with the friendly mammals will be for about 45 minutes. The extravaganza will touch your hearts as the cuties do different antics like juggling, dancing, or playing with a ball. Furthermore, their hoops, jumps, and stunts will excite the children also. You will be awe-struck while watching such skills of the animals.

Exotic Bird Show

The Exotic Bird Show is a unique experience in Dubai Dolphinarium. Apart from the dolphins, you can get the marvelous sights of various rare species of birds in the Creek Park. The captivating sights of these wonderful species will undoubtedly fascinate you at every step. Moreover, the colorful birds will be a great source of amusement for your children. The trained birds are friendly and interact with the visitors giving you jitters. Be it the long-tailed macaws(blue-golden or green-winged), falcons, stunning parrots, or hornbills; you will get the chance to capture moments with all of them. Additionally, the giant Sea Eagle can also be your companion in the picture here.

Mirror Maze

The bewildering actions at the Mirror Maze will convince you to visit the place once more. Furthermore, it is one of the famous attractions for family trips. The life-size mirrors are there to confuse your path at every step. It is highly entertaining to understand the real mirrors and the fake ones to cross the labyrinth. The mystic maze comes with lots of fun and challenges for an innovative journey amidst mirrors. You have to choose the right path to reach the end of a room with all your might and intelligence. It will surely drive you and your kids crazy and make the day genuinely adventurous without any outdoor phenomena.


Dubai Dolphinarium wants the visitors to cherish the fun-filled activities in the UAE and lets you capture the special moments forever. You can get photos and videos by posing with the incredible dolphins, exotic birds, or the lovely seals by seeking the support of professional photographers. The booking facility for this memento is readily available online before the shows, or you can get the tickets post-show also. In one photoshoot, there can be a maximum of four persons. Furthermore, you can get the images in two categories, viz. Digital and Paper Printed. Pay some extra to take back this wonderful treasure symbolizing your unforgettable tour in Dubai.

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