Everything Users Need to Know About the Adjustable Inductors

Everything Users Need to Know About the Adjustable Inductors

In this article, users will learn about the adjustable inductors that are common in the world of electronics. From their basic function to their various applications and benefits, they’ll find everything they need to know about this kind of electronic component.

What is an Adjustable Inductor?

An adjustable inductor is a component that can be used to adjust the magnetic flux in a coil or transformer. This allows for better performance when dealing with varying loads, and can even allow for variable frequency operation.

Types of Inductors

  1. Oscillating coil for semiconductor radio: In a semiconductor radio, this oscillating coil joins forces with a variable capacitor to create a local oscillation circuit that produces an oscillation signal with a higher frequency than 465 kHz that is picked up by the input tuning circuit.
  2. Line oscillating coils for TV sets: Early black-and-white TV sets employed line oscillating coils. With the help of line oscillating transistors and peripheral resistance-capacitance components, they created a self-excited oscillation circuit that produced a rectangular pulse voltage signal with a 15625 Hz frequency.
  3. Line linear coil is a nonlinear magnetic saturation inductance coil that is often wired in series with other coils in the line deflection coil loop. It employs its magnetic saturation properties to correct the linear distortion of the picture.

Are GFOOKIC Adjustable Inductors Safe?

The answer is yes, adjustable inductors are safe. They use an electric field to create a magnetic field, which is safe and non-toxic. Additionally, the adjustable inductors sold by GFOOKIC all have passed multiple quality certifications, and the products are widely sold worldwide and have gained a lot of recognition.


There are many types of tunable inductors available, so they are widely used in various professional fields. Customers should fully understand the product before selecting the product, to provide a strong guarantee for the smooth completion of the work.

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