Do it yourself hobbies turned into the businesses

Do you want to invest money in do it yourself industries? Well, we have crafted a few interesting ideas in which you can put money and start seeing ROI.

Real coffee barista courses

Now everyone is sitting at home at the computer and there is no opportunity to drink coffee in a cafe. And you want to drink delicious coffee even more! Therefore, it’s time to open courses on making coffee at home. Tell and show people online how to make real coffee, how to make delicious additions, how to choose beans, etc. There are many people who want to take online barista courses, while the investment will be minimal – only for the purchase of ingredients.

Record podcasts on your favorite topics

So one of my friends recently recorded a podcast about ladybugs in English and made good money! It’s strange, of course, but ladybugs have been her passion since childhood, and can you imagine, she has like-minded people! You can tell the world about your interests and get paid for it.  

Instagram services

It’s another do it yourself service. Go and search for a particular niche on Instagram. You’ll find Instagram accounts mostly run by businesses. Most of the businesses struggle to get sales and organic reach on the platform. So, what can you do? Reach out and offer services. Create IGTV videos for the business. Upload it on the channel and start promoting. Buy Instagram TV likes and get high organic reach for the business. 

Production of eco-furniture for studios 

More and more people take care of their health and try to buy environmentally friendly things for the home. You can organize the production of folding furniture from natural materials with an original design in your garage or in any small room. There are really very few options for such furniture on the market, so finding customers will not be a problem.

Translation of texts, translator online

This service is not new, but in demand at all times. You can translate various texts, websites, foreign literature, and documents. Interpreters are also often required for online negotiations. The level of language proficiency is needed above average – upper intermediate, but the profession is promising and you can earn from 10-30 dollars per hour of work without investment. Clients can be found on the  upwork platform  and other foreign sites. 

Production of natural chips

Both adults and children love to crunch on chips while watching their favorite TV series. And if you offer them natural delicious chips instead of store-bought ones, they will gladly buy several packs from you at once, and return a few days later for a new batch. Any chips can be produced: potato, fruit, vegetable, sweet, spicy and salty.

Concrete products

In this business idea, fantasy is limitless, because figurines, interior items, floor vases, sconces, cute tables and much more can be made from concrete! Many designers and decorators are willing to wholesale interesting items for their clients!  

As a result, the manufacturer receives a profit of 200-300%  with minimal costs. Look for concrete craft ideas on the Internet and YouTube. To promote this home business, start Instagram with beautiful photos and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Epoxy resin products

Epoxy resin can be used to produce tables, chairs, countertops, vases and interesting interior items. Hand-made jewelry is also popular – bracelets, earrings, beads and rings. Many Instagram groups are gaining tens of thousands of subscribers who are ready to buy any interesting products for themselves and their loved ones. Profit again will be from 200%.

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