Biggest tips for the newbies in digital commerce

Biggest tips for the newbies in digital commerce

Do you want to learn more about the latest tips of marketing in 2022? Today we will talk about the biggest tips and trends of digital business (marketing).

Tip N1 – Programmatic Advertising

Did you know that today it is possible to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to acquire advertising space on the Internet or optimize bids in Google Ads?

Programmatic advertising is a reality for the purchase of advertising spaces that favors the Return on Investment (ROI) of a company since the purchase of spaces is made through auctions in real time. In other words, while the user has the shopping experience, the AI ​​is managing and participating in the bids so that the ads reach the users that a company really needs. This obviously translates into a higher conversion rate and lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

Tips N2 – Products integration during the streams

You don’t have to sleep on the stream. Twitch is the biggest streaming platform and businesses are already integrating their offers during the streams. People look for more content (Especially live content) as the pandemic has started. So, you can help streamers and buy live Twitch viewers for him/her, get a good offer in a perfect time of the stream and get a big ROI.

Tip N3 – New level of experience with Virtual Reality

Did you ever think you could make your customers try your products without being in front of them? Today Virtual Reality is used to its minimum potential by the real estate sector in pilot visits. However, the potential that this type of technology has when we talk about generating memorable experiences for users is undeniable. Hence, much of the use of Virtual Reality is turning in the commercial field to the recreation of interactive 3D models that allow users to use the products in a personalized way and make a decision based on it.

Tip N4 – Chatbots

We know that chatbots are not a novelty, on the contrary, they have been part of ecommerce in recent years almost on a mandatory basis. However, how these types of tools are implemented in digital businesses, as well as where they have evolved, is another story.

24/7 availability, integration with large databases, integration with other sales-oriented functions and the use of machine learning to provide an increasingly warm experience are just some of the many features of this tool that we are sure will continue to evolve favorably.

Tips N5 – Voice searches

Since 2019, Google has been providing updates to favor a market segment that is growing globally: voice searches. And it is that today, the focus is not only to be technological, but to use technology to leave no one behind.

The use of voice searches for people with disabilities has been a fundamental point within Google’s new bet. Likewise, the ease of using the voice assistant for searches has caused that to date, around the world, 45.3% of people use this type of search , according to Datareportal. In Latin America, these figures are between 20% and 30%. of all searches.

An additional plus within this type of search is that it positively influences Google’s algorithms. And it is that voice searches are perfectly related to the management of long-tail keywords, which in simple terms, is the use of compound keywords. So if you still do not use long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy to reach more people with the positioning of your website, now is the time, because the changes in favor of voice searches will continue.

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