All Things You Need to Know About Online Sports Betting

If you are looking to get started in sports betting Malaysia, then this is the right place for you to be. This article will take a look at all the things you need to know about online sports betting. Most Malaysians are sports lovers, therefore they also engage in sports betting. If you are new to sports betting or casino online Malaysia betting, then it is important that you do not rush into it. It is essential that you know what to do and avoid. This will help to make sure that you enjoy your gambling experience.

Most Popular Sports Events for Online Betting Malaysia

The advancement in technology means that you can now place bets online on any sport of your choice using your favorite device. The most popular sports events that you can bet on in Malaysia include:


Football is one of the most watched games in the world, and this is the same in Malaysia. Since there are several online betting platforms, it is now easy for players to bet on football. These platforms offer several markets, including European leagues, cup competitions, and international matches.


Another popular sport among Malaysians is basketball. Watching an NBA game is quite exciting and thrilling. Basketball becomes even more exciting when you are able to make money from it. This is why sports betting Malaysia sites offer basketball betting to members.


Although not many people enjoy watching tennis, it is popular for online betting Malaysia. This is because players can easily predict the winners of the major events. Many online betting platforms also allow live gambling, where you can easily push a button to place your bet.


The best online betting Malaysian sites offer their members the chance to bet on rugby. The Malaysian Rugby Union has 300+ clubs, so rugby is quite popular in the country. Players can bet on the National Rugby League, the Super League, and the Rugby World Cup.

Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw was invented in Malaysia in the 15th century. Therefore, it is a popular sport among Malaysians. The sport is now played in other countries, so betting sites allow players to bet on games and competitions.

eSports Tournaments

It is rapidly becoming popular for Malaysian online betting sites to offer eSports betting. Although the most popular eSports game in Malaysia is Dota2, there are other games available for players to place their bets on. So, if you follow eSports games, then you can win the bets that you place on the tournaments.

Maxim88 Sports Betting Malaysia

If you do not know which sports betting site to play on, then register on Maxim88. Maxim88 is one of the leading online sports betting platforms in Malaysia. Members enjoy a wide variety of markets across different sports with great odds. New and existing members can also get access to several exciting bonuses and promotions.

The site also has top-notch security to secure your information and funds. Maxim88 has valid licenses to show that it is a legitimate platform. It also allows members to perform transactions using the most popular Malaysian payment methods. Click here to learn more about the FIFA World Cup.

Malay Odds for Sports Betting Malaysia

Malaysian online betting sites use Malay odds. This could be somewhat confusing for players that also bet on foreign platforms. The Malay odds are different from the American odds. Therefore,they must always note the one they are using. It is very easy to understand how Malay odds are used.

‘1’ means ‘even odds’ which also represents 50/50, where the probability of the bet to happen is 50%.

‘Positive odds’ means that the probability of the bet to happen is more than 50%. For example, an odd of 0.8 represents 80/20, where it is more likely for the event to happen. This also means that for every 1 unit that you stake, you will win 0.8 units of profit.

‘Negative odds’ means that the probability of the bet to happen is less than 50%. For example, an odd of -0.8 represents 20/80 where it is less likely for the event to happen. This also means that for every 0.8 units that you stake, you will win 1 unit of profit.

Common Online Sports Mistakes and Ways To Avoid Them

The fact that there are many sports available to bet on means that you can make a lot of money. However, winning is not guaranteed no matter how much you know about sports. But you can increase the probability of your winning if you can avoid the common mistakes that many people fall into.

Betting on different sports

One thing about sports betting Malaysia is that you can choose from different sports. It is essential to note that you cannot become a master at multiple sports. Choose one sport and stick to it. This will help you to easily follow important information and statistics as they happen.

Placing too many bets/Chasing losses

No matter how sure you are of a bet, there is still a chance that you could lose. Therefore, do not place too many bets at the same time. Placing too many bets will affect your bankroll. Also when you lose, do not place another bet to win the losing bet. If you do this, it could continue until you finish your budget. Also, learn how to walk away after winning to prevent being greedy.

Not using the cash out feature

The cashout feature is unique to online betting platforms. This cannot be enjoyed in brick-and-mortar bookmakers, and it is important that you do not ignore it. Cashout offers players the chance to get a payout while the bet is still going on. This feature prevents you from losing regularly, which could affect your betting budget.

While the sports event is going on, it is important to follow it closely so you can know when to cash out. If you wager a football team to win, you can easily cash out when they score their first goal.

Playing only one market

Sports betting offers players a number of markets to choose from. So, do not stick to one market. Try out different markets and see which ones are profitable.

Not claiming available bonuses

You should always remember to claim rewards, promotions, and bonuses whenever they are available. Immediately after you register, the betting platform will give you a welcome bonus. But for other rewards, you may have to do your research. These bonuses are a great way to build your bankroll, bet for free, and test new markets.

Playing on the wrong betting site

As a new bettor, it is important to bet on the right site. Top online platforms are licensed by the necessary gambling bodies. These betting sites use the newest security measures to ensure the protection of information and money. Apart from these, they offer huge bonuses, great odds, more markets, and lots of other unique features.

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To become successful in sports betting, you need more than just money. You must understand the odds, choose the right sport for you, and avoid the common mistakes. Ensure that the platform you are playing at is a reliable sports betting site. Make sure you enjoy your betting experience.

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