How to deposit and withdraw money from Mega888

How to deposit and withdraw money from Mega888

Mega888 is a reliable online casino that is completely trusted by the online casino community not just in Malaysia but the entirety of Asia as well. The Mega888 online casino app is compatible with all platforms and players can access this great mobile gaming app either through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. If players wish to download the Mega888 online casino app through a third party, Mega888 also offers dedicated download platforms on the internet where players can download and install the apk of the mobile app and install it manually onto their phones by following the instructions on screen. Many well-known online casinos in Malaysia and Singapore offer services for their members to download the Mega888 app, and the app is guaranteed to be safe to use and efficient in its services.

Why use the Mega888 app to play games?

Mega888 offers the greatest possible experience when playing slots online by offering players safety, an enhanced user experience via innovative and attractive design as well as a satisfying customer care unseen anywhere else. Mega888 is assured to give a safe online experience by utilizing cutting-edge encryption technology that guards both your personal information and the procedures that take place on the online casino. Mega888 guarantees a satisfying gameplay experience through a wide selection of unique and interesting games that are curated and hand picked to suit everyone’s tastes.

How to deposit and withdraw money from Mega888?

All Mega888 players may deposit and withdraw their money from Mega888 wallet after winning in any of the games provided on the platform using one of the two methods that are given below.

Deposit and withdrawal via instant transfer

Instant transfer method is the fastest method of going through the deposit and withdrawal process at Mega888 online casino. Players are required to deposit money into their Mega888 online casino wallet before they can spend the money as credits to play the slot games, live table games and fishing games available on the Mega888 platform. To do so, simply log into your Mega888 account (and if you do not own an account, simply spend 5 minutes to sign up), then click the deposit button that is placed on the top right corner of your screen. From there, key in the amount of money that you wish to deposit and then go through the necessary security checkpoints.

While playing at Mega888 or any other online casinos, players may have the opportunity to earn money from winning prizes. All of the games found on the Mega888 gaming platform offers a great chance for players a net profit just by playing, be it Mega888’s slot games, live table games or fishing games. If players wish to withdraw money from their Mega888 wallet, look for the withdraw button at the deposit page and then go through the same procedure as you would when you deposit money into your Mega888 wallet.

Deposit and withdrawal via cryptocurrency

Mega888 online casino allows players to go through the deposit and withdrawal process in cryptocurrency just as simple and as fast as using the instant transfer method. To make use of this service, interested cryptocurrency owners at Mega888 will have to generate their very own crypto wallet and add your crypto ID to their mega888 account. As soon as it is taken care of, the amount desired will be transferred into your Mega888 wallet with no extra steps required. The sum will be based on the price of the cryptocurrency at the time the transaction was performed, which will be decided based on the value of the coin.

This is the same for withdrawal of cryptocurrency from your Mega888 online casino wallet as well. To withdraw cryptocurrency, simply log in with your ID, click the withdrawal button, and then choose the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw from the drop-down menu that appears. If you wish to know more, click here to know how to deposit your money into Mega888 and claim your bonus now!!

Crypto Bonus from Mega888

On the Mega888 platform, players can receive a special bonus just by choosing to use cryptocurrency as payment method. This special crypto specific bonus is only available on the Mega888 platform for a limited time, and is only exclusive for players who own a Mega888 online casino account. The special Crypto Deposit Bonus on Mega888 online casino rewards 1% of the deposit amount to the player as bonus funds when the promotion is claimed.

To claim this promotion the player will have to make a deposit in cryptocurrency at Mega888 online casino following the steps listed above, once the minimum deposit requirement has been met, the user will be eligible to up to 888 MYR worth of bonus fund, and the Crypto Deposit Bonus is a special promotion that refreshes weekly, meaning players can claim this promotion every 7 days! Minimum turnover requirement for this crypto specific bonus is only 3x. Don’t forget to visit the promotion tab at the Mega888 online casino app to read more about the promotions and bonuses that Mega888 online casino offers to their players, the page is updated daily so definitely do not miss out.

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