Airbnb Welcome Basket Ideas

The most effective approach to greet a visitor at your vacation rental home is to make them feel special — and what better way to do that than with an Airbnb welcome basket?

The advantage of a welcome basket is that visitors do not anticipate receiving one. Regardless of how you prepare yours, it is the thinking that matters and will contribute to an amazing visitor experience.  Welcome baskets can also be a great opportunity to highlight amenities of your choice.

What Is a Welcome Basket from Airbnb?

An Airbnb welcome basket serves as a token of appreciation for visitors staying at your vacation rental home. It’s a modest gesture to demonstrate to your visitors that you’re prepared to go above and beyond for them and that you care about their enjoyment and memory at your Airbnb.

Visitors will perceive that you have gone above and beyond to make your Airbnb more inviting. They will be more likely to rate your hosting highly with a positive review.

Additionally, if you add presents for your visitors to take home, they will act as a pleasant remember of their time at your Airbnb, boosting the likelihood that they would book with you again in the future.

What Kind of Things Should I Include in My Airbnb Welcome Basket?

Because an Airbnb welcome basket may include a range of items, it might be tough to decide what to add to yours. While the baskets’ primary purpose is to transport presents and delicacies, they also serve as excellent vehicles for delivering critical information.

The following items should be included in your Airbnb welcome baskets:

1. A considerate present

A present item is what gives Airbnb baskets their wow effect. This creates an atmosphere of specialness and welcomes in your house for your guests. It demonstrates that you’ve gone above and beyond your normal hosting responsibilities to provide them with an extra special treat, and they’ll appreciate the additional effort.

It’s important to remember that this present does not have to be extravagant. You may add a snack, a bottle of wine, toiletries, a book, or a coffee cup as present affordable ideas.

We’ll cover some inventive and distinctive basket designs to inspire you. But first, let’s review the essential criteria and ideas for creating your baskets.

2. A handwritten welcoming letter

You should compose a customized welcome letter to your visitor, addressing it to them by name. A welcome letter is an excellent way to provide critical information about your property to each visitor while contributing to an extraordinary welcoming experience.

3. A guest register

Additionally, you might add printouts of your visitor welcome book in your hampers. While providing a printed version is not required, giving one makes it simpler to locate immediately upon your visitors’ arrival.

A guest book serves as a comprehensive reference to your vacation rental, providing information on your visitors’ facilities and the surrounding area. Here’s a handy tip to impressing your guests with your very own welcome book.

10 Airbnb Gift Basket Ideas to Make Your Guests Feel Extra Special

Here are some of our top suggestions:

1. The Special Occasions Celebration

Take inspiration from Airbnb guests who may be celebrating a birthday during their stay or who may have just married and picked your vacation rental property for their honeymoon. Include a cake, a bottle of champagne, and some celebration balloons with your arrangement.

Both the balloons and the cake may be altered to fit the occasion. Balloons with “congratulations” or “happy birthday” are readily available. Additionally, if you purchase a cake from a bakery, the bakery would gladly put a message on the cake for you.

2. The Delightful and Uncomplicated Surprise

There is nothing wrong with simplicity. Including a few inexpensive things nevertheless gives your basket a caring touch. This may include a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, and a gift certificate to a local café.

3. The Showcase of Local Talent

If the region around your Airbnb home is recognized for manufacturing a particular product that serves as a gift, including it in your basket is a smart option. This adds a thoughtful touch by allowing them to experience a piece of the local culture.

It might be honey, maple syrup, olive oil, artisanal wine or bread, or fresh fruits and vegetables produced locally. If you develop cooperation with a local retailer that sells these things, you may be able to get them at a reduced price (or perhaps for free)!

Combine local produce with complementing goods to complete your baskets and provide a well-rounded experience for your customers. For instance, if you’re serving artisanal bread, pair it with certain spreads and cheeses. Alternatively, if you’re incorporating honey, serve it with fresh yogurt, fruit, and granola for a full breakfast.

4. The Financial Basket

This is an ideal alternative for the host who wants to add a personal touch to the fundamentals but does not need to spend a lot. Include a few excellent nibbles or a cup packed with cookies, chocolate, or other little sweets as a cost-effective option.

Another option is to include items that you would have put in your visitors’ room anyway, but instead, include them in your welcome basket. This may range from hygiene needs such as shampoo, lotion, and a toothbrush to an arrangement of fresh flowers from your yard or a local flower shop.

6. The Health-Ultimate Nut’s Wish

If your Airbnb is near hiking trails or offers activities geared at sporty and energetic visitors, your gift might reflect this theme. Water bottles, energy drinks, and nutritious snacks such as almonds, fruit, and protein bars might all be included.

This is also an excellent chance to establish contacts with local sports firms. Perhaps you could add a coupon or arrange a discount on the sporting activity, such as a guided walk or surfing instruction.

7. The Basket of Choco-Coffee

Chocolate and coffee are a made-in-heaven combination. It hints at indulgence and elegance without breaking the bank. Additionally, it comes in many tastes and types to keep things interesting. Filling your baskets with quality chocolate and coffee will entice vacationers to unwind and enjoy.

8. The Basket of Extravagance

An exquisite welcome basket filled with excellent goodies enhances the opulent experience at luxury Airbnbs. Among the luxurious products you might add are the following:

  • Expensive wine or champagne
  • A DIY cocktail kit
  • Sweet delicacies like chocolate-dipped strawberries
  • A cheese or charcuterie board
  • Chocolate or caramel-covered almonds
  • Luxury amenities
  • Fluffy robes

9. The Basket That Is Family-Friendly

This family-friendly alternative entails presenting each member of the family with a welcome gift that contains something unique. You may provide champagne to the adults and hot chocolate or juice to the youngsters.

Additionally, you may include something that the whole family can enjoy, like a container of ice cream with a few toppings. Another clever inclusion is family-friendly activities in the vicinity, such as theme parks or renowned beaches.

9. The Spa Experience for Self-Care

You might provide baskets of quality toiletries to your visitors to encourage them to unwind and revitalise throughout their stay.

Include the following:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Toothpaste
  • Soap bars
  • Body wash
  • Bubble bath
  • Body lotion
  • Hand wash
  • Scent diffuser
  • Scented candle
  • Sleeping masks
  • Face masks

10. The Travel Companion

If your Airbnb is near a major tourist destination, offering goods associated with that activity is a wonderful way to entice guests to partake.

If your Airbnb is located near a great beach, for example, your welcome basket may include a beach bag stocked with sunscreen, hats or sun visors, and an inflatable beach ball.

Do All Vacation Rental Hosts Have to Provide Welcome Baskets for Their Guests?

While providing a welcome basket to your Airbnb visitors is not required, even a tiny affordable gift may make a significant difference to your guests and may be worth considering. It demonstrates to visitors that they are being hosted by a caring individual who is attentive to the smaller things. It may also help you to avoid horror stories.

Providing Airbnb baskets, on the other hand, may make sense only if you host longer stays. If customers simply reserve a single night, the process may be overly time-consuming and inefficient. If your Airbnb visitors have reserved stays of two nights or longer, including baskets in your greeting ritual might be a wise addition. Consequently, you may build a great reputation in the vacation rental community and get more favorable ratings on travel sites like Airbnb.

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