A Guide to Upcycling Old Concert T-shirts

A Guide to Upcycling Old Concert T-shirts

Whether you have hung up your concert boots or the t-shirts you have collected over your gig hopping days are starting to take over your wardrobe in an impressive collection, there is a good chance that you have found this piece because you want to do something about it.

Upcycling clothes is an excellent way to keep hold of pieces that mean a lot to you but might not fit anymore or are no longer suitable for wearing.

However, you might have no idea where to start or have any thoughts about how exactly you want to upcycle your old concert t-shirts, which is where this piece comes in!

Let’s take a look at some of the different options you can use for upcycling old concert t-shirts.

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Get Framing

An excellent means of preserving your favorite rock concert t-shirts- along with the fond memories they represent- is to get framing them.

There are a few ways to do this. First of all, if you only have a couple that you want on show, individual frames can look excellent. Secondly, if you have a bunch of concert t-shirts and think a feature wall could be a cool idea, then a large frame with all of your concert t-shirts together might make a cool piece. Think Twilight’s The Cullen’s graduation cap wall, but cooler.

Create a Blanket

A blanket is an excellent way to have all of your favorite t-shirts in one place while still enjoying the comfort of them. There are two ways to do this. You could do it yourself, throwing back again to Twilight, where Bella’s mother, Renée, makes her a quilt of all of their road trip t-shirts. Or, you could entrust a professional company to make the masterpiece for you at myt-shirtblanket.com.

If you are not a dab hand at sewing, then the second option might be the better choice for such precious materials.

Make A Tote Bag

For a suggestion that is not associated with glittering vampires, making a tote bag out of an old, favorite concert t-shirt is a great idea that allows you to still wear the shirt without having to put it on.

Tote bags have been and will remain to be all the rage as the war on plastic continues to get stronger, so why not create something that is personalized and means something to you?

Follow these simple no-sew t-shirt to tote instructions to create your new favorite tote bag in less than 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can also get a sewing machine out and opt to make some different styles for different occasions.

If making a t-shirt quilt or bag is not something you have tried before, be sure to practice on thrifted t-shirts with no sentimental value before diving in, or ask someone who knows what they are doing.

Concert and band merch such as t-shirts are great mementos to cherish to remember the event you attended. These clever ways of repurposing them will bring new life into your collection for you to treasure.

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