5 Questions To Ask When Choosing an Addiction Treatment Program

5 Questions To Ask When Choosing an Addiction Treatment Program

Drug addiction recovery is not only a challenging experience but requires a huge amount of resources to help patients recover.

Any person who has recovered from addiction will tell you that you have to take life one day at a time, and some days are easier than others. You need to know and believe that you are worth recovery.

And the most important step you can take toward recovery is enrolling in an addiction treatment program. Here are five questions to ask when choosing one.

1. How Comprehensive is Their Rehabilitation?

You need an addiction treatment program that not only deals with the addiction but also your holistic well-being. The program should be comprehensive enough to ensure your mental and physical health is also catered to. That means that the facility should have specialists in different fields. For instance, it should have recreational therapists, psychologists, nurses, physicians, speech therapists, and more.

All these specialists work in tandem to provide you with an individualized treatment plan to ensure you recover holistically. The program should also offer dual diagnosis to ensure that the issue that caused addiction is also dealt with. This way, you can achieve long-term recovery.

2. How Successful is the Program?

Another key question you need to ask is how many patients are sent home after completing the program. Also, read reviews from former patients or their families on the program’s effectiveness. This allows you to select an addiction treatment program with the potential to return you or a loved one to the highest level of function and increase their chances of living in sobriety.

3. What is the Program’s Treatment Philosophy?

You need to choose an addiction treatment program whose philosophy aligns with your personal needs and expectations. The program should embrace your specific needs fully. For instance, the facility may adhere to the 12-step recovery model but supplement it with a scientific or medical treatment methodology. Also, ask how they define addiction and success.

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4. How Long is the Program?

Another key question is the length of the prospective program. Different addiction intensities require different program lengths for effective recovery. The severity of your addiction will determine your treatment duration. Although some people can recover by attending counseling sessions and meetings alone, others require a more extensive treatment approach. Addiction immensely affects a patient’s brain, and it takes longer to rebuild what was damaged during the drug abuse period. Professionals believe that you can recover in a minimum of ninety days as long as treatment is consistent. However, if you cannot get a long work leave, a professional can guide you on the best program duration to help you recover successfully like at alcohol rehab in Worcester, MA.

5. Where is the Facility Located?

The environment in which the program is should be safe and secure, and free from external influence that can cause relapse. It should also portray a positive outlook and exude comfort to make you feel that it’s where you can thrive. An addiction treatment program setting built for success will always bring out the best in you. So, find a program where you don’t feel confined but rather where you can flourish.


Addiction recovery is a daunting process, but with the right program, you can get well and enjoy long-term sobriety.

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