Where to find people with similar interests to attend activities and events?

In the digital world, the search for real contacts continues to be relevant. When there is a desire to spend fun or educational time, virtual contacts may not be enough. Then digital technology in the form of a social network can also come to the rescue. Like, for example, Initway is a social network for finding friends and jointly conducting various activities of interest. This is an original way to transfer contacts from the virtual world to real communication.

Functions of the new social platform Initway

Now the search for a good company of like-minded people becomes much easier – just use the modern functional platform. It is ready at any time to provide users with the opportunity to find a shared space for creating activities. It can be anything from going to a fashion show or concert together to a camping trip or an amateur match in your favorite sport. You can create both a single action and a whole community of like-minded people for long-term communication.

Now you just need to choose the most interesting activity for yourself, upload information about it to the website – and collect a fun company of people with similar interests. It will not be a problem to find a partner for going to an event – each event creator chooses the conditions for finding friends or companions.

Benefits of social platform

The main advantage of this network is that all of its functionality is aimed precisely at the development of companionship, its transfer to the real world, which is so lacking in modern life. However, there are other amenities that are inherent in the resource:

  • intuitive interface;
  • easy navigation;
  • extensive functionality;
  • a special chat for discuss the details of interest events and activities;
  • security of your personal data – the website is reliably protected from unauthorized access to the user’s profile or his contacts. It is reliable and practical.

How to find like-minded people?

Registration on the website is very simple, it is available to every user. Before creating a new activity or event, it is always possible to see if something has already been created by other users, and join the company or add your offer. All events are placed under convenient and intuitive headings, which greatly simplifies both search and addition.

The theme of creating your own event is absolutely unlimited – it can be either a game of scrabble, a concert of a popular band or travel. Even if it’s just a basketball game near your home, when there is a playground nearby, but there is no team, you create the appropriate activity and meet other game lovers at a convenient time.

A separate feature is the creation of a list of friends in order not to lose contacts in the future and continue communication. So it’s enough just to join the community and meet like-minded people at interesting events. After all, what could be more exciting?


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