What You Need to Know About Peel Off Ends

In the field of food preservation, peel off ends are an important part of the process? From keeping food completely sealed to ensuring food safety, these metal lids are essential for food storage. Read on for some helpful information about these ends made by a peel off ends manufacturer, Canlids.

Uses of Peel Off Ends

Peel off ends varieties are currently used for dry powder, high-temperature sterilization, one-way valve ventilation, and personalized transparent, printing, various sizes, the inner ring is O-shaped or D-shaped, the outer ring is round or square, etc., used in China Many two-dimensional code information technologies have gradually become popular.

3 Common Types of Peel Off Ends

  1. There is no high-temperature sterilization technology on the peeling end of the dry powder package. It is used for canned food such as milk powder and snack food, which is relatively common in the market.
  2. The peel off end of cooking has the characteristics of high-temperature sterilization resistance. It can be used for canned food such as meat, and consumers can easily cook food.
  3. The peel end of the lid embedded valve is a one-way pressure-reducing valve, which is used in the packaging of fermented food, such as canned coffee, to effectively preserve the quality of coffee for a long time.


Peel off ends are an important part of keeping food safe and fresh. Not only do they help preserve the taste and nutrition of food, but they also keep pests and other contaminants out. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of peel off ends, please contact Canlids.

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