What to do if You Accidentally Hit a Pedestrian?

Traffic accidents can leave everyone involved with overwhelming aftermath. Injuries to heal, damages to repair, and questions to be answered can be emotionally challenging. 

Suppose you have accidentally hit a pedestrian while on the roadway. Contacting a local attorney to guide you in the legal procedures ahead is best suggested. Before doing so, remember to follow the below steps immediately.  

  • Step aside for safety. 

Do not drive away if you have accidentally hit a pedestrian. Instead, stay calm no matter how hard it feels to do so in such a situation. Move off the spot to a nearby place of safety and check for injuries, if any. Put on your emergency flashers. Also, get down and help bring the pedestrian to a safer spot. 

  • Seek medical attention 

If you have been injured, seek medical help. It is good to get yourself checked even if you feel not injured, as sometimes the effects are visible later on. Call 911 to report the incident and ask for medical assistance. Ensure you check the pedestrian for injuries and provide them with as much first aid as possible. 

  • Exchange contact information 

Remembering to collect all sorts of contact information from everyone involved in the accident is critical. It could be contact numbers, email addresses, insurance details, etc. Also, exchange no more information than your contacts, especially admitting your fault. Do not make statements that would lead to assumptions about your liability in the accident. 

  • File a police report. 

If the people involved are injured even to the slightest bit, it becomes mandatory to file a police report. Be you at fault or not, ensure to do so. If injuries do not allow you to do so, request any of the witnesses around to call the police. This also notifies other emergency services to arrive to provide the necessary aid. 

  • Collect evidence 

When involved in an accident, gathering evidence, regardless of liability, is of utmost importance. This evidence could include photos and videos of the accident spot, information about the surrounding areas, neutral eyewitnesses present, if any, medical and police reports, time, speed, and other information about the vehicle, the state of the pedestrian, etc. It does not just help in proving fault but also dramatically determines the deserving compensation of the victim and the insurance amount you can claim. 

  • Contact your insurance company. 

It is suggested to contact your insurance company at the earliest when meeting with an accident. Present the exact details to them. Be truthful about the incident, giving all the necessary details. But do not make statements admitting to a fault until proven. 

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