What is life like in Sydney | The coolest city in Australia awaits you!

Surf, beaches, kangaroos, Kylie Minogue or the Hemsworth brothers. Australia is famous not only for its charms on all levels, but also because it is a favorite for many boys and girls who are looking for a significant change and new adventures with a great trip. For this reason, today we are going to talk about what life is like in Sydney, its flagship city.

Did you know that Sydney is the largest and most populous city in Australia and Oceania? Now you know. And if you already knew, we remind you, because this is not a minor fact. The great development and high quality of life are also other of its main characteristics.

Perhaps you are wondering: why should this interest me? Well, because, in addition to what we have just told you, it turns out that Sydney has everything: huge skyscrapers, the best beaches and world-renowned universities. The synthesis of this makes it a city with a lot of movement but with a chill and comfortable lifestyle.

It may be because of the sea breeze or because they don’t have financial problems to worry about (or both), but what cannot be denied is the good vibes of the people of Sydney. This is a magnet not only for backpackers, but for travelers of all kinds: solo travelers, families, retirees and, above all, students. But we’ll talk about that later.

Reasons to discover what life is like in Sydney

We have already told you why we love Sydney and to spread the word, we have put together this list for you with the main reasons to live in Sydney and get to know it with your own eyes, ears, smell, taste and touch, because it is a city to be enjoyed!

The best summers of your life

Sydney’s weather is warm and sunny. If you don’t like winter, or it makes you sad and you prefer a barbecue on the beach watching the sunset, then say no more! Of course, on winter days the temperature ranges between 7℃and 18℃ but they come with a little sun so that your days in Sydney are not so cold.


We are not fitness gurus but we are going to recommend a healthy life. Sports in Sydney are part of everyday life, especially those that are practiced outdoors. Coincidence? We think not, since the climate is more than ideal for this.

And of course, you also have the best beaches for surfing just a step away from everything. Did you know that Sydney is also synonymous with extreme sports? Surfing is for the brave!

Cosmopolitan city

We already know that if you go to Australia it is to meet aussies. But a great plus is that Sydney is a cosmopolitan city par excellence. For this reason, you will also learn to meet new people from different parts of the world and you will be able to interact with more than one culture in one place.

Open mind: respect and tolerance

This has to do with what we just told you. Being such a multicultural city, you can be sure that discrimination against foreigners is not something that is going to happen to you in Sydney.

Respect and tolerance are two of his most important values. And we are not only talking about the origin, but also about gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion.

Love and respect for nature

Both in Sydney and in the rest of Australia, respect for nature is very important. Surely you are thinking of kangaroos and koalas, but the flora and fauna of Australia is much broader.

In Sydney, you can not only enjoy the beaches, which by the way are more than 70. You also have botanical gardens and the Blue Mountains just 100 km from the city. Australia’s wilderness has something for everyone!

Unmatched quality of life

We do not want to sound like your parents with this, but it is an extremely important fact that we could not not mention. When talking about quality of life we include: very low unemployment rate, quality health system and high educational standards.

What does this mean? More and better opportunities to study and work in Australia. Not for nothing, it is one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world.

What is life like in Sydney for a foreigner?

International students in Australia

Although Sydney receives people from many countries. Everyone agrees that it is a city open to anyone who wants to know what life is like in Sydney to stay, to study or simply to visit it. Below, we will tell you some key aspects to understand what it is like to live in Sydney as a foreigner.

Cost of living in sydney

At first everything may seem expensive if you compare the economy of your country with that of Australia, but this makes sense, since in this country the salaries are high and the cost of living in Sydney goes accordingly. Therefore, if you manage to work in Sydney, don’t worry, the salary will reach you.

For example, a month you would spend about A$1,400, but the salaries in common jobs for foreigners are enough to survive. It doesn’t guarantee you a house with a pool and three dingoes, but it does guarantee you a treat from time to time, have a beer or travel outside of Sydney.

Make yourself at home

We insist that as a foreigner you will soon feel at home. Not only will you have the welcome of the Latino community in Australia who know what life is like in Sydney for a migrant; but also by Australians, who are really cool with foreigners and, obviously, with each other.

You already know that diversity is respected and valued by Australian society, especially in large Australian cities, such as Sydney. In fact, they love hearing different accents and cultures from the other side of the world.

Where to live in Sydney

If you are beginning to like what it is like to live in Sydney as much as we do, now we are going to talk about its neighborhoods. Thus, when you go you will already know where to stay and it will be easy for you to move around this magnificent and enormous city full of beautiful things to see and do.

Perhaps at the beginning you should choose some type of more accessible accommodation to warm up your engines. Then, you can choose where to stay. Here are the best places:

  • North City: Preferred area for foreign students. In this area are the neighborhoods of Manly, Neutral Bay or Dee Why which, due to their beaches, bars and schools, are a magnet for young students thirsty for fun.
  • The City: If what you are looking for is the center of the city, this is the area. Here the neighborhoods of Surry Hills, Pyrmont, Glebe are the most chosen for newcomers.
  • Inner East: This is more to the center but not quite. Ideal if you want a halfway point between The City and the suburbs. There are also plenty of bars, restaurants and schools.
  • Inner West: It is located 30 minutes from downtown, so the costs become more accessible. The famous King Street is in this area and is famous for its bars.
  • Eastern Suburbs: Despite being further from the center, the eastern part of Sydney is very busy and ideal for living. It also has beautiful beaches like the famous Bondi Beach and Bronte.

We have tried to summarize it, but if you want more extensive information and useful tips for staying, be sure to review this article on where to live in Sydney.

How to live in Sydney legally as a foreigner

If you’ve made it to this section, great! Because we have not only come to tell you about what life is like in Sydney, we will also tell you what you have to do to experience it and that nobody else tells you.

Remember that Australia is a country that is very open to young people from different parts of the world who come looking for adventure and a better future. The best thing you can do is take advantage of your stay in Australian lands by studying and working.

Study, work and discover what life is like in Sydney

Another advantage of experiencing what life in Sydney is like if you are from another country, is that you can study and work at the same time. This is possible with a student visa or a Work and Holiday Visa.

The Student Visa Australia allows you to study and work legally in 40-hour biweekly days. You can extend your stay up to five years. The Work and Holiday Visa allows you to study and work or just work in Australia full-time for 12 months.

To learn more about the subject, take a look at the more detailed information on Visas for Australia. If you already want to know more about what kind of educational experiences you can have, review these courses to work in Sydney.

Courses to study and live in Sydney

If you want to go live in Sydney, you can do it the easiest way: by studying courses in Sydney. The offer in Sydney is more than varied and here we leave it more organized:

Study English: Of course, it is one of the most requested courses and for obvious reasons. You will be able to practice and perfect it with your international friends.

VET Courses: This is what they call vocational courses and you can find them in different areas such as marketing, tourism, business, etc.

University Studies: If you want to complement your studies at the university level, do not doubt that in Sydney you will be able to do it.

To illustrate, here are some more amazing options for studying in Sydney. Click on the one you like the most to request more information and your personalized budget!

Requirements to live in sydney

If you are not satisfied with knowing what life is like in Sydney, but you want to live it in your own flesh, let nothing stop you! Here are the requirements to live in Sydney that you have to take into account as a foreigner, so that you can gather them and pack your bags.

  • Being of legal age: do not accuse us of being obvious, but if you are not of legal age, you will not be able to become independent, let alone in the antipodes.
  • Process your visa: remember that the ones that are best for you are the student visa and the Work and Holiday visa. Although with the tourist visa you can also study, but it lasts three months and you don’t have permission to work.
  • Have your valid passport: if you don’t have it yet, process it now! And if you already have it, make sure it doesn’t expire soon or during the time you plan to do your course in Australia.
  • Know English: you do not have to present a certificate, but at least you will have to know how to say hello and ask please in English to survive the first days.
  • Get your TFN or ABN: my what? The Tax File Number and the Australian Business Number are the equivalent of a social security number in countries like Australia.

Like you, there are thousands of boys and girls wanting to do something new and travel to add worthwhile stories. We have not come to give you a motivational talk, but we have witnesses that daring to do so is the key, it is proven!

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