Two things you need to have while riding a motorcycle

If you’re a motorcycle fanatic, you’ve probably gone through lots of special motorcycle gear to find out what fits you best. You’ve tried different material motorcycle jackets and went through different kinds of helmets. However, if you’re new to the motorcycle world and do not know what items to purchase before you hit the road, you might want some guidance. Keep reading to find out what items you must buy and what you should keep in mind while purchasing motorcycle gear.

A protective motorcycle jacket

A good motorcycle jacket is a must have when on the road. There are many kinds of jackets from different fabrics, that each have their own purpose. If you’re serious about motorcycling and you’re planning on cycling all year around, it is good to have different kinds of jackets in your closet. Whether you choose for a leather jacket or a regular textile jacket, the best motorcycle jackets can be found in the online assortment motorcycle clothing from

Leather motorcycle jacket

Leather jackets give you a tough and strong look, and make sure that you are protected, should you ever need protection. Leather jackets are more expensive than jackets made of other textiles, but will ensure better protection during a fall. Besides, leather is more durable than any other kind of textile and will therefore last much longer than a regular textile jacket. A leather motorcycle jacket should be worn above your regular clothes or directly above your underwear. The jacket should fit tightly as it can guarantee better protection if there’s no room between your body and the leather suit.

Regular textile motorcycle jacket

Regular textile is better to wear on rainy and hot days, since it is more waterproof than leather. However, regular textile burns when it’s shaved on asphalt and will therefore not protect as well as leather, during a fall. Regular motorcycle jackets usually come with rubber or plastic protective patches on vulnerable areas of the body, such as the elbows and knees. A big plus of the regular textile jacket is that it can be washed in the washing machine, whereas leather cannot and needs to be cleaned by hand. It is also a good choice if you’re using your motorcycle to go to work and back, as it is easy to remove and put back on at the end of the day.

A good and sturdy helmet

A helmet can save your life, should you ever be in an accident while riding your motorcycle. Most helmets protect the face, chin, jaw and neck and will break the fall if you fall on your head. A motorcycle helmet should always fit comfortably around your head and should not leave too much room inside. If you want full protection, you should choose a full face helmet, which protects the entire head and neck, and comes with a visor. If you wear glasses, the flip up helmet is the best choice for you. This helmet provides good protection, while there is still enough room inside for you to wear your glasses. The chin piece can be flipped up for easy talking, eating and drinking.

If you love motocross and you’ve decided to go off road yourself, you might want to buy an off road helmet or an all road helmet. Both of these helmets have an extra visor to keep dirt away from your face, but the difference is that an all road helmet includes a visual visor, whereas the off road helmet requires the use of motorcycle glasses. If you buy a secondhand bike, make sure to buy a new helmet for optimal protection.

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