The highly useful Teesra bowling technique

The highly useful Teesra bowling technique

In cricket, bowlers must do their absolute best in order to try to confuse the batters. The online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees – 1xBet has a big cricket section with wagers on lots of matches.

Several techniques have been invented with this purpose. One of them is known as the Teesra or Jalebi. This is a kind of delivery made by off-spin bowlers. It is claimed that Pakistani player Saqlain Mushtaq invented it. Right now, the best online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees is 1xBet, and it can be used for wagering on Pakistani cricket too.

Many people claim that the Teesra is simply an orthodox backspinner. This technique is used all the time, and has been employed since cricket basically came into existence. However, on closer inspection, it is possible to see that there are some subtle but decisive differences between those two techniques.

An extremely rare delivery

The Teesra is extremely useful, but at the same time, it is rarely used. At any time when a Teesra is made, visit the to wager on the player who performed it. Some of the names that have used this technique are:

  • Saeed Ajmal;
  • Russel Arnold;
  • and Saqlain Mushtaq.

It is quite difficult to find more occurrences or players who have used the Teesra. For this reason, fans who witness one being used should consider themselves to be quite lucky. The 1xBet betting platform is available to wager at any moment when a player makes use of this kind of delivery.

How to make a Teesra

Probably one of the main reasons why the Teesra is so rarely used is because of how difficult it is to achieve. Many players have attempted it, however, when looking at more detail, they have simply made an orthodox backspinner. Punters can enjoy live kabaddi today only on, and in this platform it is also possible to find live cricket.

In order to perform a Teesra, it is necessary to start as an off-spinner would do. The difference comes at the very last moment prior to the release of the ball. Normal off-spinner deliveries simply twist the arm to give the final spin to the ball. However, to make a Teesra, instead of this movement of the arm, it is necessary to roll fingers behind the ball.

The ingenious part is that these rolling fingers don’t actually touch the ball. Batters normally take a very close look at the movement of the arms and fingers of the bowlers. If they see moving fingers, they will expect a turning ball. However, in the Teesra, the ball doesn’t turn, which is unexpected for the batters, and can also deceive them. The best live cricket and kabaddi is available today only on 1xBet, and on the former, punters can see a Teesra if performed.

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