The defunct Gruppo Sportivo Oratorio Villa Cortese

The defunct Gruppo Sportivo Oratorio Villa Cortese

Unfortunately, many sports clubs simply disappear after some time, despite having some fantastic success. You can encounter the absolute best cricket betting odd at 1xBet, where fantastic rates can also be found on many volleyball matches.

A great volleyball team was Gruppo Sportivo Oratorio Villa Cortese. Also known as GSO for short, it was a women’s volleyball squad based in Villa Cortese, which is located in the province of Milan, Italy. The team had some positive moments and achievements, especially in the period that lasted between 2009 and 2013. The best cricket betting and volleyball odds at 1xBet are unbeatable, and they can give rewards like no other website can.

A sports club for girls and women

The Gruppo Sportivo Oratorio Villa Cortese was founded in 1978. It immediately attracted some highly talented players. For this reason, as soon as 1979 it started to climb up the ranks throughout Italian volleyball. The sports bets at 1xBet online bookmaker can be made from mobile devices and computers on dozens of different volleyball matches.

Finally, after an incredible series of performances, GSO climbed all the way up into the Serie A2 in the year 2008. But the incredible achievements didn’t end there, because only a year later they were promoted to the Serie A1. The 1xBet online bookmaker has sports bets that can be made at plenty of different sports competitions, including Italian professional volleyball tournaments.

Success and dissolution

The Gruppo Sportivo Oratorio Villa Cortese played six different tournaments between the periods of 2009 and 2012. They reached the finals in five of those instances. Despite not winning any of them, their performances still impressed volleyball fans. Sign up now to the best volleyball betting site – 1xBet can be visited now to wager on the best competitions of this sport played in Italy.

The tournaments in question where GSO played these finals were:

  • the Superlega;
  • the Coppa Italia;
  • and the Supercoppa Italia.

Additionally, the fantastic performances shown by the team allowed them to secure their participation in three editions of the CEV Champions League. The 1xBet betting site is the best platform to wager on these continental volleyball tournaments.

Sadly, the GSO decided to merge with Asystel Novara in 2013. This basically meant the end of the history of Gruppo Sportivo Oratorio Villa Cortese. But the team hasn’t disappeared completely. This was because, also in 2013, a new club was introduced called GSO Villa Cortese Volley a.s.d. Its purpose is to return the original spirit of the GSO, where young players could be trained in order to become fantastic sportswomen.

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