The Best Way to Get Organised for Moving Day

The Best Way to Get Organised for Moving Day

Moving houses can be stressful enough without the added hassle of your new home not being as organised as you’d hoped. The best way to get prepared for this is to make a thorough plan and set yourself up for success.

Here are our top tips for making the best of moving day:

Before moving day

With a little effort before moving day you can help to ensure the day goes without a hitch.

1. Create a  packing area

Designate an area for packing and unpacking boxes. It is helpful to you, your family and any friends that you have helping out, to set up an area where boxes can go as they are packed and unpacked, rather than being left everywhere. You will be able to see everything much easier if it is in one place and it makes it much easier to put things away when unpacking.

Anyone can check out this article for obtaining details about what services professional movers can provide. A professional mover is capable of moving things of different sizes and weights and provides insurance coverage for potential damages or loss of items.

2. Hire help

Whether it’s a full removal lorry or a man with a van, it can be a good idea to hire some help. They can help transport your possessions anywhere in the UK or wherever you are.

3. Place things in boxes

You can use old boxes or new ones to recycle your unwanted possessions. You might want to think about what size your room will be, as this will determine how many boxes you need.

4. Be organised

Label the outside of each box with a permanent marker so that you can easily identify what’s inside each box. People often forget this and it becomes a nightmare once they move in – at least put on the relevant room.

5. Use travel suitcases

If you are travelling with all of your belongings, you can use a large suitcase for your clothing instead of using packing boxes.

6. Make a master list of items and their locations

Make sure that every item is listed and where it will go in your new place. This will make it easier for you to get everything unpacked after the move is done and is less prone to being lost or misplaced!

On Moving Day

When moving day arrives you will be thankful for the preparation.

1. Work out what rooms need to be done on which day

Plan to do one room at a time during the moving process, this will keep you from getting overwhelmed. Think about who you can ask to help you – you might need someone strong to help carry, you might need many hands to wraps up glasses etc.

2. Start packing heavy items first

Pack items that are bulky or heavy first as they are usually harder to move around than something light like clothing or books.

3. Use your master list

Sometimes it is difficult to know where an item goes, even if you labelled the box, so it is good to use your master list as a guide when unboxing and putting things away.

4. Have your packing area ready

Have the boxes for your room spread out in the room so that you can go back and forth from putting stuff away in boxes and into rooms easily. It also helps when unpacking when you have everything in one place!

Moving is definitely a lot of work, but you can make it easier for everyone by being prepared. We hope that these tips will help and that you have a great move!

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