Stripper Shoes Make the Appearance of a Woman Taller and Leaner

Stripper Shoes Make the Appearance of a Woman Taller and Leaner

Besides the practical uses, shoes serve the purpose of completing an outfit for men and women. Women’s shoes can add personality to their outer appearance, and many women have an infatuation with shoes. Finding the perfect pair of shoes for an outfit or buying a business around a pair of shoes is a common practice. Many women have numerous shoes and continue to find room for more in their closets as they seem to multiply. Sometimes the right pair of shoes makes a woman feel sexy, and sometimes the shoes are about attracting men,

The most popular shoes to attract attention and make a person feel sexy are high heels. Stripper shoes elongate the leg and make the appearance of a woman taller and leaner. Heels can range from a mid-height up to a very high eight inches. Of course, high heel shoes come in just about any variety and color that anyone could dream of desiring. Stiletto heels are a type of heel with a thin spike heel that has been known as the sexist shoe for decades. It touches only a tiny portion of the ground underneath it but can make the “earth move” for those wearing them or those wearing them.

Stripper shoes are great additions to outfits for some jobs, such as dancers, entertainers, and strippers. Some high heel shoes are called stripper shoes since they remind people of the shoes strippers wear. Shoes can also add the right flair to Halloween costumes if the right pair can be found. Many young women look for a particular pair of stripper shoes for a night out at a club, dance, or prom. Many of all ages are looking for the perfect pair of sexy shoes to impress a particular person for a special date

First of all, consider the heel height and what you will be wearing the shoes for. Women on the short side may be purchasing the boots not because they are comfortable but simply want to be taller, and a pair of flats or kitty heels won’t work for that purpose. When buying sexy stripper shoes, you need to consider how long you will be on your feet. If you work at a desk job, wear business attire all day, and the extent of your walking consists of walking to the copier and back then, four-inch heels are perfect. If you work at a department store and are on the sales floor all day long, then four-inch heels won’t work well. One suggestion is to buy a closed-toe shoe with a two and at-the-most three-inch heel that will look great with slacks giving you a polished look without the discomfort of wearing stripper shoes all day long.

Try a pair of wedges with a bit of a platform and will give you some height, and the venue makes up for the severe angle of stripper shoes while giving you the size you desire. Many women shy away from platforms, although if you look through their closets, you will find that many shoes are platform shoes, albeit one- or two-inch platforms. Platforms are great for giving you height and reducing the cause of much foot and leg pain after wearing high heels. Part of the reason you have sore feet is your ankle is distorted in a pair of four- or five-inch heels as the single sole stripper shoes have a wafer-thin sole while the heel is providing all of the height.

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