Streamlined Data Transfer with Hoymiles Gateway DTU-Lite-S: Sub-1G Communication and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Efficient monitoring of a solar system relies on seamless data transfer between microinverters and the monitoring platform. Hoymiles, a trusted brand in the solar industry, introduces the DTU-Lite-S, a data transfer unit designed to streamline this communication process. With its Sub-1G wireless solution for microinverter communication and Wi-Fi connectivity, the Hoymiles gateway DTU-Lite-S collects crucial information and data from PV microinverters and transmits them to the S-Miles Cloud, Hoymiles Monitoring Platform. This article explores the key features and benefits of the DTU-Lite-S, emphasizing its ability to ensure reliable and efficient data transfer.

Sub-1G Communication for Microinverters

The Hoymiles gateway DTU-Lite-S leverages an advanced Sub-1G wireless solution for communication with PV microinverters. This wireless technology operates at frequencies below 1 gigahertz, providing excellent signal penetration and stability. By using Sub-1G communication, the DTU-Lite-S ensures reliable and consistent data collection from microinverters, even in challenging environments. This robust communication capability enables accurate monitoring and timely detection of any performance issues within the solar system.

Wi-Fi Connectivity for Seamless Data Transmission

The DTU-Lite-S is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, specifically supporting the 802.11b/g/n standards. This allows for easy and convenient data transmission from the data transfer unit to the S-Miles Cloud, Hoymiles Monitoring Platform. The Wi-Fi connection ensures fast and reliable data transfer, enhancing the efficiency of monitoring solar systems. With the DTU-Lite-S’s Wi-Fi connectivity, users can access real-time data, receive alerts, and make informed decisions regarding their solar energy production.

Streamlined Data Transfer to S-Miles Cloud

The Hoymiles gateway DTU-Lite-S acts as a bridge between the PV microinverters and the S-Miles Cloud, Hoymiles Monitoring Platform. It collects information and data from microinverters using the Sub-1G wireless solution and seamlessly sends them to the cloud-based platform via Wi-Fi communication. This streamlined data transfer ensures that users have up-to-date and accurate insights into the performance of their solar systems. By accessing the S-Miles Cloud, users can monitor system efficiency, analyze historical data, and receive notifications for any anomalies, enabling proactive system management.


The Hoymiles gateway DTU-Lite-S revolutionizes the data transfer process in monitoring solar systems. With its Sub-1G wireless solution and Wi-Fi connectivity, it ensures seamless communication with PV microinverters and reliable data transmission to the S-Miles Cloud, Hoymiles Monitoring Platform. The DTU-Lite-S empowers users with real-time insights, enabling them to optimize system performance and make informed decisions. By choosing the Hoymiles gateway DTU-Lite-S, users unlock the potential for streamlined data transfer and enhanced efficiency in monitoring their solar systems.

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