Responsible for the Society: AED Produced by Mindray

Responsible for the Society: AED Produced by Mindray

Since its inception, Mindray’s products have been widely recognized by the market for their ease of use, high quality, and ease of management. As a professional and forward-thinking AED company, their social responsibility is also one of the best. Take a look at their details.

Thoughtful design

Based on the consideration of convenient use by ordinary residents, Mindray has configured a large color screen in the AED, which provides voice guidance while playing operation demonstration animations to guide residents to complete the rescue, and also provides a great boost to the publicity and promotion of the AED.

Social responsibility: Mindray goes hand in hand with the health protection career

For medical companies, the biggest social responsibility is to focus on making good products that people need.

Facing the popularity of AEDs, Mindray is going to promote the rapidity, intelligence, and ease of use of AED devices in the future to make the use of AED devices more convenient and make it easier for the public to give help.

Mindray will also join hands with multiple parties to invest in the public first aid business and carry out training of medical emergency personnel and professional training of AED equipment to protect the lives and health of the public.

Mindray’s “dedication” to public emergency and public health is reflected in its innovative products that echo the call for World Heart Day. For further information, please visit Mindray’s website.

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