Repercussions of Spreading Rumors or False Information in UAE

Repercussions of Spreading Rumors or False Information in UAE

In the UAE, spreading rumors or false information that can harm public order or public morals. It is categorized as Cybercrime under Federal Law on Combating Cybercrimes. It is commonly known as the Cybercrime Law. The punishment for spreading rumors or false information can vary depending on the severity and impact of the offense.

According to Cybercrime Law, individuals found guilty of creating, MORPHE, publishing, or promoting rumors or false information online with the intent to harm their reputation, public order, or public morals may face imprisonment or fines.

The law specifies a minimum imprisonment term of one year and a fine ranging from AED 250,000 to AED 500,000. The court has the discretion to determine the specific punishment and penalties. For it, the court will make a decision based on the circumstances of the case. In the UAE the spread of rumors and false information is a serious and punishable offense. Particularly when it affects public order, social stability, or the reputation of individuals or institutions, it becomes more prominent and stringent. You can find the latest information about this through DUBAI BASED LAWYERS and Legal Consultants.

The government aims to preserve the security, harmony, and well-being of society. It is done by discouraging the dissemination of false information and baseless rumors. This can lead to panic, chaos, unrest, or damage to the reputation of individuals, institutions, or organizations.

This Cybercrime law encompasses various activities that involve breaching privacy, illegal access to information, or misuse of information in the UAE. In case, if a person unlawfully enters an information system or a website, it is deemed a crime. In cases where the person committing the offense is in a professional capacity, the punishment becomes more severe. It includes a minimum prison sentence of 1 year and a fine ranging from Dh250, 000 to Dh1, 000,000.

Cybercrime Law addresses crimes related to illegal access to databases or information systems to access bank accounts, credit card information, electronic payments, and other similar accounts. Such offenses are punishable by a minimum prison sentence of 6 months and a fine of no less than Dh1, 000. If the crime involves accessing or misappropriating someone else’s money, the punishment increases to a prison sentence of 1 year. Furthermore, a fine of 2000 dirhams, not exceeding Dh1, 000,000 is also imposed.

Under the law, unauthorized access, misuse, or denial of rightful access to an IP address to commit a crime is also considered a cybercrime. The punishment for this offense can include imprisonment and a fine of up to Dh500, 000. In certain cases, judges have the discretion to impose a combination of fines and imprisonment on individuals. Therefore, it is crucial for anyone using electronic media and information within the UAE to be mindful of these regulations and laws.

The conviction of cybercrime can result in mandatory deportation. To protect oneself, it is advisable to maintain up-to-date security measures such as antivirus software and firewalls. It is also recommended to refrain from disclosing personal information. This may include the name and ID, of unknown sources. Additionally, given the rise in fraudulent activities, it is crucial to remember that money does not come out of thin air. Therefore, it is essential to exercise caution when dealing with suspicious offers or requests.

Individuals in the UAE should exercise caution when sharing information. Specifically, on online platforms, one needs to be more cautious. There is a need to verify the accuracy and credibility of the information before spreading it further. By doing so, individuals can contribute to maintaining a responsible and trustworthy online environment. This will be in line with the laws and regulations of the UAE. In this manner, punishment can be avoided.

By following these guidelines and being aware of the Cyber Crime Law. The individuals can ensure they navigate the online world in compliance with the UAE’s rules and regulations. This will maintain their digital security.

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