Promote an interactive experience using QR codes for tourism

Promote an interactive experience using QR codes for tourism

The tourism and travel industry is now busier in maintaining the safety of the people while also promoting their local tourist spots since the COVID-19 lockdown.

Oxford Economics says that after Travel & Tourism lost almost US$4.9 trillion in 2020, its contribution to GDP rose by US$1 trillion in 2021 across 185 countries.

Tourist agencies are now using modern technology to make the traveling experience more interactive to attract travelers and maintain security.

QR codes, for one, are an excellent tool for marketing and promoting tourism. Using QR codes is a great tool to streamline tourism, provide information, and show the best places and activities to do on vacation.

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Here are three ways you can use QR codes for tourism:

Offer an interactive experience

The Tourism Authority of Thailand initiated a brand-new way for tourists to experience The Land of Smiles through NFT.

The “Amazing Thailand NFTs” experience gives tourists NFT tickets at 5 of Thailand’s most important cultural sites. Each spot only has 3,999 NFTs, so they must race against time and other tourists to get there first.

China Town, Siam Square, the Ancient City in Samut Prakan, Wat Arun, and Giant Swing are some of the places.

The tourism authority hopes that these NFTs will make tourists want to see more of the country than ever before. The “Amazing Thailand NFTs” was announced on November 15, 2022, and will be available until December 14, 2022.

Tourism agencies can also embed NFTs on QR codes for much quicker access to information. Integrating NFT into QR codes provides a modern option to create an interactive tourist experience in just one scan.

Provide exposure to Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have also made their way into travel, and it’s a trend because of all the things they can do.

More and more companies are using it to show users a cabin on a cruise ship or take them to the Great Wall of China for a few seconds.

Today, you can “teleport” to the most remote parts of the world without even leaving the couch just by scanning a QR code to transport to an augmented reality experience.

QR codes are often used as a “trigger” to launch AR experiences as they are easy to use and work well. People already use them daily for various reasons, so it only makes sense to use one in your tourism AR experience.

Users already know how to use a QR code, which gives them more confidence when accessing an out-of-this-world augmented reality experience.

Promote immersive tourism

With the help of 5G networks, travel tech is getting even better. It allows users to load and download content 20 times faster, has a more comprehensive coverage range, and has more stable connections.

That means that smart devices will be able to talk to each other better, and we’ll be able to start to enjoy the Internet of Things (IoT).

Immersive tourism, in which technology makes the tourist the main character of the experience, will become a reality.

The BBC ran a test project at the Roman Baths in Bath, England, that used 5G and an augmented reality app. Users could go back to see how the site looked at historic times, and 80% would make the whole trip again if they could.

Provide a better connection using immersive QR codes. Users can experience and interact with the location with just one scan.

QR codes for tourism: providing an interactive travel experience

People enjoy traveling, ergo maintaining their security and health is crucial.

Since technology is making it easier for us to travel, countries that get a lot of tourists are improving their tourism flow to make room for their customers.

Technology like QR codes is a great way to improve tourism campaigns and teach travelers how to use technology when they travel.

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