Optimize Cooling with the DC2507 Micro Blower by YCCFAN

Introducing the innovative DC2507 Micro Blower by YCCFAN, a powerful cooling solution known for its efficiency and reliability in various applications. This compact yet robust blower, often referred to as a “micro fan“, is designed to meet diverse cooling needs.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

The DC2507 Micro Blower features CycleSeal bearing technology that allows it to operate seamlessly in temperatures ranging from -10°C to +70°C. This wide operating temperature range ensures consistent cooling performance in different environmental conditions.

Superior Insulation Impedance

With insulation impedance characteristics that exceed 10 megohms when subjected to 500VDC for a minute between the outer frame and the terminal, the DC2507 Micro Blower guarantees high levels of electrical insulation and safety during operation.

Enhanced Cooling Efficiency

Designed to deliver optimal cooling performance, the DC2507 Micro Blower offers enhanced efficiency and airflow control for various cooling systems. Its advanced engineering and components contribute to maintaining optimal temperatures in a reliable manner.


In summary, the DC2507 Micro Blower by YCCFAN is a cutting-edge cooling solution that excels in providing efficient and reliable cooling for a range of applications. With features such as a wide operating temperature range, superior insulation impedance, and enhanced cooling efficiency, this micro blower is a top choice for those seeking high-performance cooling solutions. Upgrade your cooling setup with the DC2507 Micro Blower and experience superior cooling capabilities for your specific needs.

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