Online Medicine Delivery Apps – Why They Have Become Popular In The Last 10 Years?

In the past decade, the online medicine delivery app, also known as online pharmacies, has become a hot topic of the pharma sector. Believe it or not, the rate of online pharmacies has increased by nearly 40% in the last five years. And this number is constantly going up, with no signs of slowing down. And the reason is consumers are happy with purchasing medicines online.

Online pharmacies provide huge savings and ease of convenience, which actually grabs the consumers’ attention.

But how did these online pharmacies become popular within a short period? Is luring consumers by giving discounts is the reason?

Through this post, we’ll throw some light on the factors which are the reasons behind the popularity of online pharmacies.

Enhanced Convenience

One of the biggest factors that continually increases the demand for these online pharmacies is enhanced convenience. Consumers can seek medical assistance through direct messages and voice calls with these online pharmacies. These apps also have special healthcare professionals that provide free assistance to the consumers.

You can order the required drugs right from the bedroom, even in the middle of the night. Plus, many reputable online pharmacies also provide a one-day delivery option that offers great convenience to the consumers. In other words, you don’t have to leave your comfort zone and stand in the queue to get your desired drugs.

As people buy drugs from online pharmacies, they’re saving their time and money. Moreover, online pharmacies are also operational in rural areas, but home delivery might get delayed.


You may have heard something like one should never hide anything from the doctors and lawyers or else you’ll suffer from problems. Nevertheless, there are certain disorders that people don’t find comfortable sharing with their loved ones and even to doctors, such as AIDS and erectile dysfunction.

But, you have to share your disorder with the doctor because you require medical assistance and believe that your personal details won’t be shared with others.

The same happens with reputable online pharmacies. They never share their consumers’ details with third parties such as health insurance companies. Doing so is a crime, and the pharmacy will be charged under various sections.

While dealing with the online pharmacies, even if you’re talking with their professionals, it’s happening over the calls and messaging, which is 100% encrypted. Maintaining discretion becomes more important when seeking medical assistance for certain disorders like ED and similar sexual diseases.

Easy Medicines Ordering And Delivery

As you might have already read above, these online medicine delivery apps have also started the facility of delivering the medicines within 24-48 hours (terms and conditions apply).

These companies are trying to ship the medicines within hours of order because that’s what consumers are expecting from them. Next, the payment procedure has also become flexible; many companies have started the ‘Pay Later’ feature where you don’t have to pay single cent when ordering and receiving your medicines.

Believe it or not, online pharmacies are also giving freedom to consumers to purchase medicines on an EMI basis. Now, you only see that online pharmacies are already providing medicines at the lowest rates, and you can clear the entire amount through the ‘Pay later’ option or EMI basis. So, from medicine ordering to delivery, everything is easy and hassle-free.

Final Thoughts

So, now you can see these are the factors that are actually the reason behind the popularity of generic medicine app. These applications literally fulfilled the need for medicines during the Covid-19 lockdown period. Overall, online medicine delivery apps won’t allow offline pharmacies to beat them in the upcoming years.

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