Moc Bai Recruitment – Top Trending Job Opportunities 2024

 Moc Bai Recruitment opens up job opportunities for many young people. So what position does the casino need now? To accurately answer this question, and at the same time learn more related information, readers can find out right through the content of the article.

Top latest  Moc Bai Recruitment positions

The Group always operates based on the motto of providing a healthy playground for all members. Aiming for comprehensive development and providing professional entertainment services, the company currently needs to supplement a strong staff team. So what positions is Moc Bai casino currently recruiting?

Website SEO staff

 Moc Bai Recruitment SEO website placement needs a large quantity. Jobs that candidates need to perform well include:

  • Plan content, write SEO standard articles, create social content.
  • Candidates need flexible skills to work independently and support teams.
  • Monitor your website’s keyword rankings and plan to increase traffic.

The salary that human resources receive is equivalent to experience and ability to complete tasks ranging from 10 to 25 million VND.

Customer care staff

Customer care service is an important and indispensable step in any field. Moc Bai Recruitment Customer service officer position requires:

  • Professional communication and customer persuasion skills.
  • Proficient in all basic office computing skills.
  • Demonstrate a calm demeanor, know how to handle problems, be patient in all situations and listen and understand customers.

Recruiting customer service staff positions with attractive salary of about 15 million VND. In addition, candidates receive a monthly KPI bonus ranging from 2 to 3 million VND.

IT department employee

Information technology is now becoming a hot and promising profession in the future. Therefore information New88 recruiting IT positions that meet the following requirements:

  • Candidates have high expertise in programming languages.
  • Ensuring stability, security and safety for the group’s website.
  • Optimize appropriate interface design to reach users more effectively.

Becoming an official employee of a human resources corporation will enjoy an income of 50 to 60 million VND. Besides, if the candidate evaluates himself or herself with good capabilities and high expertise, the salary can be negotiated during the interview process.

FAQs – Answering questions about  Moc Bai Recruitment

In addition to the information about the  Moc Bai Recruitment position above, candidates also ask a number of other questions related to this topic. The questions and concerns are summarized in this article and answered in detail right below and let’s find out together.

What are the reasons to work at Moc Bai?

Moc Bai Recruitment Updated job opportunities with great income. Applying to a human resources corporation will receive a salary suitable to personal capacity, a professional environment and many different positions to help candidates choose the right job. In particular, the company’s employees enjoy preferential policies such as quarterly birthday celebrations, participating in Team Building on special holidays, KPI bonuses…

In addition, currently the trade border gate between Vietnam and Cambodia has been expanded to support workers in the job application process. All issues related to settlement and completion of candidates’ documents are 100% supported by the group.

Is  Moc Bai Recruitment a scam?

In response to rumors that Moc Bai defrauded workers, the company responded officially on its website and confirmed that this was not true. Moc Bai commits to complying with legal regulations between recruitment and resource management, transparent operations, and clear labor contract terms. Therefore, young people can feel completely secure with this opportunity without worrying about being scammed.

Moc Bai job recruitment scam?

Workers need to be alert to information Moc Bai Recruitment high-paying light job. Accordingly, you need to pay attention to whether the recruitment information is clearly stated in the labor contract or not? In addition, to truly feel secure, candidates should contact the group’s customer care department directly and receive accurate feedback.


The entire content of the article has been updated with accurate information related to the topic Moc Bai Recruitment. Hopefully through this article, young people will grasp the group’s missing personnel positions and promptly submit their CVs to apply. Wishing the workers success in becoming employees of Moc Bai casino, developing quickly and achieving good work efficiency. Note to update more related information, readers do not forget to follow the website New88 Today ours.

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