What Makes the Inside of the HONOR Magic V2 Powerful

When you decide on the phone to get, you do not just look at the exterior of the device but you also want to know how powerful it is. When you buy HONOR Magic V2 phone, you are not just purchasing an elegant-looking smartphone. You are also acquiring a device that is made to sustain multiple simultaneous tasks. Read more to know about the internal hardware of the HONOR Magic V2.

Characteristics of the Internal Hardware of the HONOR Magic V2

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

When you buy HONOR Magic V2 as your next device, you are not just acquiring a foldable phone, you are also getting a flagship, top-tier device. The HONOR Magic V2 has the best processor available for the HONOR brand. It is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. This means that it can sustain multiple apps playing simultaneously without any delays, lags, or forced stops. This is great on the part of the user because you are investing in a device that is not just elegant on the outside but has the capability to actually do the manual work that you need. It acts as your assistant to the jobs that can make your day-to-day tasks easier. And you no longer have to contend with the hassle of habitually closing apps in order to accommodate the use of other apps. You just have to focus on your work and let the HONOR Magic V2 show its power.

Heat dissipation system

To accommodate the power that it has, HONOR has made sure that the phone is capable of removing and dissipating the heat that the machine creates as it does its job. To do this, HONOR equipped the Magic V2 with an ultra-thin bionic heat dissipation system. The cooling technology that HONOR installed is only 0.22mm thin but has the capability to remove heat for an area of 29000 square millimeters. What does this mean? Having an effective cooling system for the smartphone limits the transfer of heat to other parts of the phone, thus, preventing any damage. The effectiveness of the heat dissipation ensures that there will not be any delays in the basic and intermediate functions of the HONOR Magic V2.

Double Signals

Have you experienced using flagship phones with delayed signals or even no signal at all? This is because of the design of the antenna of the phone. No matter what position you are in, it can be quite difficult for some devices to get a signal from their data provider.

With the HONOR Magic V2, this phone has a surrounding antenna. It also utilizes the C1 Enhanced Chipset that makes connections seamless and smooth. Your calls and texts will not be delayed in any way because of the internal hardware the Magic V2 has.


HONOR is also known to keep the user’s information safe and sound. With the Security Guard feature of the HONOR Magic V2, you can be sure that all the data that you save in your device is protected by phone lock-in security. You do not have to stress out about possible data theft when you use the HONOR Magic V2.


The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 plus the three boost engines of HONOR makes it a powerful device. It also has a bionic cooling system so that the dissipation of heat is allowed for the device, especially during gaming or multi-tasking. It also has a surrounding antenna so that you can get a signal wherever you are. These are just a few reasons to buy HONOR Magic V2 as your next phone.

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