What is Poker Face? Essential Skills To Play Poker Well

What is poker face? But is it applied by so many experts every time they participate in Poker betting? Poker has long been famous in Vietnam as a classic game with attractive rules. But winning is not easy, one of the effective winning methods is Poker face. Let’s Nhà Cái Nhà Cái New88 Learn more about this method as well as the most accurate way to apply it.

What is poker face?

Poker face is one of the most used ways to win Poker today. It is known that when players do not want their opponents to know what they are thinking, they will use an expressionless face to express it. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that you use your false face to deceive your opponents.

The reason why many bettors use it What is poker face? Because this is a very effective Poker playing experience when you don’t need to observe the hand but only need to adjust your emotions. A cold face that is neither happy nor sad can make the player win easily because no one can guess your emotions. But to apply effectively, you also need to grasp a few of the skills below.

Some skills help use Poker face fluently

Although Poker face is a fairly simple Poker trick, not everyone can use it perfectly without revealing weaknesses. Therefore, experience and proficiency in training are extremely important. So what skills do you need to know when using it? What is poker face?

Control your emotions in every situation

The first skill everyone must apply effectively if they want to play Poker face well is to control their own emotions. There are many people who lose control when they win big, they are crazy happy and create many emotional holes. This is one of the reasons why bettors quickly lose control.

Losing card games are no exception, instead of shouting happily, the face becomes sad and dark. How to control emotions when using What is poker face? You should accept the possibility of losing when playing Poker, because the world’s number 1 players will also have losing matches. If you play, you have to be willing if you don’t want your emotions to be easily guessed.

Skills to prevent tilt when playing Poker

Controlling emotions is the simplest way to use Poker face, the next more difficult step is to prevent tilt when participating in Poker. So what is tilt? This is a case of emotions being led by bad luck causing the mood to decline. This stems from consecutive losing games or bad cards appearing with great frequency.

Prevent tilt by What is poker face? First of all, you need to eliminate mental and physical fatigue, and instead feel comfortable and accept your bad luck. It will definitely help you prevent tilt 100% and regain your spirit to overcome losing games. Most Poker players must master themselves at the peak level and tilt is one of them.

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Master the skill of calculating probability in Poker games

In addition to the skill of using a poker face throughout the game, Poker players need to be able to calculate probabilities. How to judge the situation in What is poker face?

  • Guess your own Big Blind number.
  • Guess the opponent’s Big Blind number that has not yet entered the hand and has entered the hand.
  • Predict the number of Big Blinds in the pot of the Flop round.
  • Guess the number of Big Blinds remaining after calling the flop or betting.
  • Guess the Big Blind number after betting, calling and raising the flop in the pot.
  • Predict the expected number of Big Blinds from the turn to the river.

The ability to hide stress

The skill of hiding internal stress What is poker face? Not everyone can use Poker face because this is a very difficult trick to master because emotions are part of the human factor. Therefore, you need to carefully practice the ability to hide your stress and insecurity. That is the art of concealment applied by many Poker players.

Forget your mistakes when playing Poker

Forget your own mistakes when using it What is poker face? Wrong decisions will be useful lessons to help you be more successful. However, forget them instead of keeping them in your head and creating a fear. This is also the opportunity to win in Poker casinos.

The above shares from the dealer New88 helped players understand What is poker face? This is a term that has become famous recently and has helped many brothers win attractive winnings. If you are losing money at the casino, apply Poker face immediately to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible.

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